Dialogue Recap: Enid Crystal Modern Learning Leader


Hi Learning Cluster Design Community! One of the biggest questions we get for the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model is where and how can we provide access to learning clusters we create. Recall, learning clusters is the new L&D deliverable we call for in the model - it's a set of learning assets that surrounds learners, when, where, and how they most want and need them for a particular learning goal. At last month’s modern learning dialogue, we were joined by Consultant and previous VP of L&D at Black Rock, Enid Crystal, who shared a real-life example of how she is working [...]

Dialogue Recap: Enid Crystal Modern Learning Leader2022-01-23T15:07:13-05:00

Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and LCD CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Modern Learning Questions


How to Solve L&D Problems for the Modern Learner Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and Learning Cluster Design’s CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Training Questions    Wisetail sat down with our fearless leader, Ali Knapp and Crystal Kadakia, founder of Learning Cluster Design to discuss trends we are seeing in the learning and development industry as learners evolve. What are the 2-3 fundamental issues you notice with traditional LMS and how do we address these?  Sometimes we can see that traditional learning platforms are stagnant, a little bit dated, and they definitely facilitate more of a top-down approach. We are trying [...]

Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and LCD CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Modern Learning Questions2021-11-11T13:29:50-05:00

Learning in the Flow of Work: Insights from Monthly Dialogues


At October’s monthly Modern Learning dialogue, based on popular vote via a LinkedIn poll, we dove deep into the topic of learning in the flow of work. In practice, as we start to implement any new concept, we often find ourselves asking, “How will this change be  possible in my organization?” In order to answer this question, it’s best to break it down into several more specific and digestible questions. Our community participants started this conversation and provide some fantastic insight into taking on the process of initiating learning in the flow of work. So, let’s start to break down the [...]

Learning in the Flow of Work: Insights from Monthly Dialogues2021-12-27T11:21:37-05:00

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl


I recently explored the topic of modern learning with one of our fellow modern learning partners, leader at Squigl/Truscribe, Derrell Connon. We had a great conversation that revolved around how learning is evolving. Derrell and I explored the idea that adopting an agile mindset has become very popular as of late, but in reality, this has been around for the last 20-25 years. As modern learning designers, we often question how we can move from such a heavily in person learning format to being primarily remote but we forget that we have nearly two decades of resource solutions to utilize.  Check [...]

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl2021-12-27T11:07:37-05:00

How Learner Curiosity Plays a Role in Learner Personas


Many modern learning professionals use the concept of learner personas when designing learning programs for modern learners. They often categorize their audience by identifying what different learners need to know, and when, where and how they want to learn it. But in taking it a step further, have you ever considered the role learner curiosity plays in developing learner personas? In the video below, Learning Cluster Design co-creator, Lisa MD Owens, dives into how to use learner curiosity to develop learner personas and keep your learners engaged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ivh0W8RY-U&list=PLW2CDAnk4Br2QoExsk-EjxAJ0XQz0t0cV&index=4 Some of Lisa’s key takeaways include: The correlation between levels of curiosity and [...]

How Learner Curiosity Plays a Role in Learner Personas2021-12-12T15:42:13-05:00

Measuring DEI Initiatives


In the wake of the race-related global events in 2020, we saw, and continue to see, a rise in DEI roles within organizations. In fact, at the time of writing this, LinkedIn jobs has over 14,000 DEI and DEI-related roles advertised across the United States, and almost 90,000 globally. With the increased interest in and importance of this meaningful work, many L&D professionals have found themselves heavily involved in the development, design and implementation of DEI programming. I recently contributed to the ATD article “Stumped on how to measure DEI Training?” by Wendy Kirkpatrick and Dr. James D. Kirkpatrick, which addressed [...]

Measuring DEI Initiatives2021-11-04T11:52:18-04:00

Jeff Lowndes: Modern Learning Leader of the Month


At September’s modern learning monthly dialogue, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Jeff Lowndes, L&D Leader at Snap, Inc. In our conversation Jeff shared about relational scaffolding, a system that focuses on connectedness over content in the onboarding process. While content surely has its place, he posed the question, "Can we intentionally architect how new hires build relational scaffolding in the business?" After gaining feedback from new hires about the 10-week onboarding road map that was designed for Snap, Inc., Jeff found that what they expressed benefiting from the most was the relationships they had formed with co-workers. Equally, [...]

Jeff Lowndes: Modern Learning Leader of the Month2021-11-04T11:47:20-04:00

Using The LCD Model to Gain Time Back


One of the most common challenges organizations face around traditional learning and development is that is feels like there simply isn't enough time in the day for our learners to consume all the information they need in order to change their performance. Between learning policies and procedures, communication skills, leadership, and a plethora of compliance trainings, our learners can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of topics they need to learn. So how can we alleviate time for the learner and also save time for us as L&D professionals? I answer this questions in the video below, which is a [...]

Using The LCD Model to Gain Time Back2021-11-04T11:31:41-04:00

How Can We Use the LCD Model to Design Onboarding?


Lisa and I have made it to the ATD International Conference in Salt Lake City to kick off a weekend and week of learning! We are excited for our full day workshop tomorrow, education sessions and happy hour on Sunday, and book signings and demo session on Monday. Speaking of demos, we all want to see the LCD model in action. As we head into the tail end of the year (can you believe it?), many of us have either already onboarded a new group of employees or are ramping up for our organizational initiatives for 2022. With many organizations staying remote, or [...]

How Can We Use the LCD Model to Design Onboarding?2021-09-07T10:43:28-04:00

Why Is Designing for Modern Learners So Hard?


Designing for modern learners is not as straightforward as we would expect. Modern learners have broad expectations - they all want something different. Some want a class, some want something digital, and with their varied contexts, it can be challenging to design for the “modern learner.” So, how do we design with the modern learner in mind? In the video below, Learning Cluster Design model co-creator, Lisa M.D. Owens explains how to create learning experiences that meet the modern learner when, where and how they need and want to learn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEYftUGLRyA Some key takeaways from Lisa include: Employees in the [...]

Why Is Designing for Modern Learners So Hard?2021-09-07T10:40:11-04:00

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