The LCD Fundamentals Course

What is the OK-LCD Model?

Ready to formally upskill in the LCD model?

It’s great to be inspired by the book, Designing for Modern Learning, or learn about the model from a peer.

Individuals who go further to build capability in the LCD model stand out amongst their peers for jobs and for growing up the career ladder.

Why? It’s simple facts. According to Training Industry’s research:

  • 70% of learning leaders believe that utilizing more than one modality is crucial for training.
  • 52% of training programs use between 3 to 6 modalities in training their employees.
  • 30% of learning leaders provide some form of customization in training programs offered.
  • Employees found on-the-job training (82%), on-the-job coaching (19%), and informal social learning (71%) to be the most effective training methods.

In other words, EVERYTHING the LCD model trains you how to do.

And get this:

Virtual instructor-led training and webinars are often used but found to be less useful by employees.

Furthermore, as AI advances, the content creation part of L&D’s job is becoming increasingly less valuable.

The Fundamentals of LCD course is a first step to building a strategic learning competency that allows you to handle more complex learning initiatives with ease, consistency, and quality.

Is it time to reskill? You bet it is.

Inside the Fundamentals of LCD Course

Learn the Five Actions of the Model via Case Study

Build standout capability through our async course. Learn the essence of the five Actions of the LCD Model through applying to a case study.

LCD Tools Practices

Practice the New (Not In the Book) LCD Tools v2.0

Using the LCD Tools is an absolutely essential capability to execute the model with speed, excellence and mastery. The LCD Tools v2.0 are taught as a part of the case study and through video learning. These Tools are significantly different than v1.0, published in the book, but since improved through real life application.

Social Learning

Social Learning, In YOUR Flow of Work

Our course is built on a platform designed for community leaders — not a training platform. This means that asynchronous discussion is centered in our design. You’ll be able to learn from others as you go through the course at your own pace.

LCD Practitioner Certificate


Show off your certificate and gain recognition for your modern learning strategy skills.

Where’s the Proof?

What Does Going Beyond the Book Get You?

Hear from real course attendees on what they got from going beyond the book.

How Does Learning the LCD Model Help Your Career?

Hear from Emma Strong on how the LCD model helped her find a job.

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It does not include application of the model to your work, coaching on your work, or access to our year-long capability building resources. That’s where the LCD Practicum, CoP, and other resources help advance your capability. We encourage you to view our other programs before deciding what to sign up for.

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