The Learning Cluster Design Practicum

Do you want to deliver flow of work learning that changes your customer’s day to day actions? Do you want to stop just delivering one and done training?

In this novel 2-week modern learning experience, you will not only become a fundamentally capable LCD practitioner, you’ll walk away with a learning cluster for a current work project.

Practicum Output Examples

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“This really pushes the envelope! They have created something so unique and beneficial for organizations to enhance their training and their businesses.” 

2019 Participant, Atlanta
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Course Outline

The course uses a variety of learning methods to engage you as you get familiarized with the theory, practice the model, apply to your real-life problem, and learn from others in your cohort and facilitator.

Total Time Commitment: three days spread out over two weeks

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What if you could walk away with a learning cluster for a current project and learn the model at the same time? This highly social and practice-oriented learning experience uses novel platforms to build your or your team’s capability to designing learning for your customers across the flow of work.

In a traditional L&D world where we are used to designing a single learning asset, be it a class or a set of videos or an e-learning, we miss the boat with modern learners and our business stakeholder. Learners today need to learn both in and out of the flow of work. Most organizations leave it up to the learners to navigate resources in the flow of work. With Learning Cluster Design as a new tool in your L&D toolkit, you’ll empower learners — and business results — like never before.

With a small cohort, you will go on a 2-week journey to learn the model, the Five Actions, the Tools, and apply to a current training project you bring to the course. Learning & neuroscience tells us that the best way to learn involves a combination of self-reflection, social learning, and learning by doing. This course, facilitated by an LCD model expert, combines all three for an invaluable, engaging experience.

It’s not often that a learning experience helps you get your work done as well. You’ll walk away wanting to come back and have your teammates on the same page, creating learning clusters for all your training initiatives!

What You’ll Learn

  • Assess the issues with traditional L&D models that fail to address today’s digital context

  • Describe the approach each of the five Actions take to build a new L&D product, the Learning Cluster

  • Commit and express confidence in delivering a coordinated package of learning assets, a Learning Cluster, for a given capability gap in your organization

  • Apply the Five Actions and their Tools to develop a Learning Cluster for a current training initiative you are working on

“Loved how hands on and interactive the program was. I got a lot out of applying the process to one of my programs AND receiving feedback. I’m taking back a lot of valuable information to my organization that will pay dividends in helping us revamp our program.

2019 Participant, Atlanta


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This Course Includes…

  • 1 Learning Cluster developed for a in-progress work initiative you bring to the course

  • 30-minute one on one coaching session on your training initiative

  • 7 videos that provide a detailed grounding for the model, the supporting learning science, and each Action

  • 5 Activities to reflect on the Tools that make up the model

  • 4 Peer-to-peer social learning activities

  • 4 Live full cohort sessions

  • 1 Case Study to practice the Learning Cluster Design model

  • 24/7 accessible office hours for Q&A

  • Opportunity for on-going coaching and participation in alumni community


“This class helped me break down what seemed complicated and impossible. I know what to tell my project team and SMEs. Very excited!”

2016 Participant, Atlanta

“The program was very well-developed and delivered. Every element was explained, demonstrated, practiced, and discussed, which is rare, and had such intentional impact. Probably the best workshop/learning I’ve ever attended.”

2018 Participant, Washington D.C.

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