Introduction to LCD Course


A six-hour course to upskill you that builds a baseline capability in the LCD model through practice, using a case study.

Are you tired of just delivering one and done training that sets you up as an order taker who has limited business impact and the least resources to work with? What if you could deliver modern learning in the flow of work that changes your learner’s day to day actions instead? 

No more single solutions like a class or e-learning or even a blended learning initiative that hope to meet a goal. Modern learning creators build Learning Clusters. They surround unique, diverse learners with meaningful learning assets, when, where, and how they each need learning the most. They focus on improving capability on the job, where it counts. The Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model is the learning industry’s first and only approach to designing modern learning that isn’t centered around a class or course. 


Very few learning experiences have lasting impact. Learners are finding ways to learn weekly or daily, often on their own. Yet the learning experiences we often design are one-size-fits-all, one-and-done and aren’t tied back to behaviors on-the-job and ultimately business impact. Thankfully, there is a new, easier way to design for modern learning. 

The Learning Cluster Design (LCD) Model allows you to:

  • Go beyond one-and-done
  • Design the whole, not the parts
  • Focus on learner-needs
  • Change on-the-job behavior

Are you ready to change behavior on-the-job by seamlessly connecting learners with the resources they need when, where, and how they need them most? 

The Intro to LCD course is a six-hour course to upskill you on how to execute the LCD model’s principles and five Actions to transform your learning programs into modern learning clusters.

The Outcomes

Your business will benefit from your participation by:

(1) Gaining individuals upskilled on cutting-edge modern learning methodology, rather than getting better at business-as-usual

(2) Your confidence and ability to try out the model on their next learning initiative

(3) Having a clear approach and direction for modernizing learning

This Course Covers:

  • What it means to support Modern Learning

  • The gaps between what we deliver and what modern learners do

  • The terminology of modern learning and the LCD model

  • What a Learning Cluster and the approach each of the five Actions take to build a new L&D product, the Learning Cluster

  • A case study that builds your baseline capability in the model

This Course is for:

This course is a first step for a diverse range of learning creators who are on their way to making LCD model a part of their toolkit.

  • New to L&D: This is a great introduction for those without any L&D experience who are or want to get in a new L&D role and want to start off with modern learning expertise from the get-go.
  • Modern Learning Changemaker: You are an experienced L&D professional who wants to move from traditional L&D to Modern Learning.
  • Non-L&D Learning Creator: You are in a non-L&D role and supporting learning experiences as one of the many hats you wear and are looking for tools to standardize and streamline learning experiences to drive impact.
  • Self-Taught LCD Users: You’ve heard about the model, or maybe even tried it on your own, and are ready to dive in and learn a little bit deeper – you want to move from an awareness level to a basic or intermediate level of capability.
  • Learning Leaders – If you’d like LCD model to be a norm for your team and organization, but don’t have the capacity to attend the Practicum, this course is for you.

Course Sign Up

Intro to LCD Course

June 15 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

$997 The Intro to LCD course is a six-hour course to upskill you on how to leverage the LCD model and how it can support various learning challenges. What you will cover in the course: Explore what it means to support Modern Learning and expose the gaps between what we deliver and what people do Become fluent in the terminology of modern learning and the LCD model Experience the approach each of the five Actions take to build a new L&D product, the Learning Cluster. Build a baseline capability in the LCD model through practice, using a case study

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The primary differences between the Practicum and the LCD Course is the level of capability you gain in the LCD model by the end of the course.

Think of it this way – the book, Designing for Modern Learning, is like reading about how to drive a car. The Intro to LCD Course is like learning how to drive a bumper car (remember those fun arcades?!). The LCD Practicum the Immersives, and Certification (forthcoming) are like learning to drive your car.


Core of the Curriculum

Length & Format




Apply the model to an active or upcoming learning challenge for your organization with expert one on one coaching. 

Social Learning and deep study of pro tactics.

Virtual; 2 days of blended learning activity spread across 3-weeks; embedded in the flow of work 


A Learning Cluster for a current work initiative.

Intermediate Level Capability in the Model.

Community built with other LCD users.

Intro to LCD 

Apply the model to a standard case-study. 

Overview of the Model

Virtual; 6-hr session with an hour of pre-work if you desire


Baseline capability in the model.

Practice applying the model.

Immersives Varies by topic  Half-day   $697 Advanced application knowledge and strategies to break through organizational and complex LCD Action barriers

While our book certainly says a lot in thousands of words, learning by doing is a crucial way to change your behavior towards application. It gives you a chance to experience what you’ve read – with expert guidance and coaching to push you to new edges and learning.

That’s great! We recommend that you complete the Intro to LCD course before diving into one of the Immersives. It’s important for you to have a strong understanding of the LCD Model and how to apply it beforehand.

We can help you. Just contact us and we can send you resources based on your specific needs and culture.

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