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Grow your or your organization’s capability in the Learning Cluster Design model through our solutions (or in LCD speak, learning assets!)

We walk the talk and role model by providing our own Learning Cluster for the LCD model.

Our vision is for Learning Clusters to be the norm and the foundation for designing learning – whether in the workplace learning, customer education, organizational change and leadership, or higher education spaces.

To grow your capability in the model, we have considered personas and the change we would like you to be able to make in practice.

The learning cluster below is a carefully crafted set of learning assets to help you wherever, whenever, and whoever you might be!

Click below to learn more about our learning assets. Use the persona key to help you create your own learning path.

Overview: Learning Assets for the LCD Model


The LCD Practicum


For Learning Leaders and Creators who are ready to level up their work and make modern learning a norm, the LCD Practicum builds your intermediate level capability in the LCD model, while also producing a learning cluster you can implement back at work. It’s a total of 2.5 days spread across 3 weeks, and fully embedded in your flow of work, while being highly social.


  • Learning Leaders – If you lead learning, are trying to change the way your organization  delivers learning, and want to go deep so you can lead change effectively, this practicum is for you.
  • Experienced Learning Creators – If you want to know how to execute the LCD model, this practicum is for you. Do not need to be in the training field formally.
  • All participants must have a current work project they can bring to the course.

Outcomes: Your business will benefit from your participation by meeting the success criteria for a current learning initiative, getting proof of concept for learning clusters instead of classes and courses, and furthering your expertise to act as a strategic business partner rather than order taker.

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Introduction to LCD Model

What: The Intro to LCD course is a six-hour course to upskill you on how to leverage the LCD model and how it can support various learning challenges. In this course, you will build a baseline capability in the LCD model through practice, using a case study


  • New to L&D – This is a great introduction for those without any L&D experience who are or want to get in a new L&D role and want to start off with modern learning expertise from the get-go.
  • Non-L&D Professionals, Upskilling in LCD – This introduction is for you if you’re outside of the training industry, want to learn LCD model, but aren’t ready for the Practicum yet.
  • Learning Leaders – If you’d like LCD model to be a norm for your team and organization, but don’t have the capacity to attend the Practicum, this course is for you.
  • Self-Taught LCD Users – If you’ve read the book or otherwise heard of the model and are ready to dive in a little deeper, this course is for you.
  • Modern Learning Changemaker: You are an experienced L&D professional who wants to move from traditional L&D to Modern Learning.

Outcomes: Your business will benefit from your participation by gaining clarity for your overall modern learning strategy approach and learning a modern learning method to try out for your next learning initiatives.

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What: In half a day, Immersives tackle the barriers to applying the model in your organization. You want to realize the benefits of the model. You know the model, but you haven’t be able to implement it fully in your work. Something has gotten in the way somehow – maybe it’s the internal learning culture, the technology systems, or needing more coaching on particular Actions tailored to your work problems. 


  • LCD Practitioners – If you’ve already attended the Practicum, Intro, or otherwise trying out the LCD model, but are hitting a wall with a specific challenge, an Immersive topic might be for you.
  • Learning Leaders – Immersives tackle barriers top of mind for you as you think about making modern learning successful in your organization.


  • Housing Learning Clusters – Making learning clusters accessible
  • Marketing Learning Clusters – forthcoming
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Immediate Learning Assets

What: Have 24/7 access to upskill and answer common questions about the LCD Model through the  learning assets below.

  • Website  – This website has lots of answers in the FAQs page, examples on the Case Studies page, and up to date thought leadership on our Blog page.
  • Book – The book, Designing for Modern Learning, is a great resource to keep handy as you work on projects ongoing. The Publications page has other books and journals you might consider as well.
  • YouTube – Our playlists include examples of learning clusters, videos by Action, and insights from modern learning leaders from our dialogues.


Social Learning Assets

What: Like to learn through a community? The learning assets below allow you to upskill, while building relationships with other modern learning champions.

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