Learning Assets

Grow your or your organization’s capability in the Learning Cluster Design model through our solutions (or learning assets).

We walk the talk and role model by providing our own Learning Cluster for the LCD model.

Our vision is for Learning Clusters to be the norm and the foundation for designing learning – whether in the workplace learning, customer education, organizational change and leadership, or higher education spaces.

To grow your capability in the model, we have considered personas and the change we would like you to be able to make in practice.

The learning cluster below is a carefully crafted set of learning assets to help you wherever, whenever, and whoever you might be!

Click below to learn more about our learning assets. Use the persona key to help you create your own learning path.

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“I’m a physicist by training. I really appreciate things that take something complicated and make it simple for people. LCD summarizes everything you need to know in a tight package and then you can apply it.”

Andrew Tiffany, Cengage

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