Imagine growing your career at all levels with confidence and security.
Spend less time explaining your results because they speak for themselves.
Stand out when looking for a new role – at any level.

Do you know that recruiters review an average of 250 resumes and interview just 4-6 people before filling an opening? Or that a big difference between an instructional designer and a training manager is strategic thinking & design skills, not just technical expertise?

LCD Group has partnered with The Overnight Trainer to bring a power-packed, end to end L&D Career Growth Solution.

Finding a job or growing your career doesn’t have to be so overwhelming you don’t even want to start.

You can be guided on what to focus on first, next, and next again.

You can have a place for questions, getting unstuck, and feedback.

You CAN accelerate finding, landing, loving, and growing the L&D career of your dreeams.

When you are in a position you enjoy, on a career path that makes you more resilient to economic downturns, it affects people around you.

Your family and friends will be wondering what’s this newfound passion you have for your career.

Others will be excited to hear about the positive feedback you’re getting on your career growth – whether that’s getting the job, taking on more strategic projects at work, or getting recognized.

You’ll shortcut the path, but more importantly, feel more energized while on the path.

And if you’re new to the learning industry, get noticed FAST.

This is how you get 70% of learning leaders to notice you.

All going back to one little moment in time.

It was the day you decided to join the L&D Career Club Plus that made all the difference.

Inside the L&D Career Club Plus

By joining the L&D Career Club Plus, you get access to the trifecta that elevates you in your career:

  1. L&D Competency – skill that clearly distinguishes you far above and beyond the industry standard
  2. Career Materials – from knowing what you’re going for to putting it on paper, you’ll have targeted material that pinpoints conversations towards your dream career
  3. Career Network – you’ll get access to build relationships for support and within the L&D industry

You’ll receive access to two platforms with the below features upon joining.


Build standout capability through our async course. Learn the five Actions of the LCD Model and the Tools through applying to a case study and to a work project, where you will get feedback on your deliverables as you go along.


Show off your certificate and gain recognition for your modern learning strategy skills.


Keep winning at work and as you grow in your career by leveraging us as your modern learning consultancy on the back end. You will grow and sustain your new capability by accessing our 24/7, always on Ask the Expert forum and our Learning Cluster Library


Build relationships with other users and organizations during our regular calls, featuring top modern learning thought leaders, and office hours/coffee chats. Stay current on trends and be able to talk on the edge of the learning field.



Instant access to The Overnight Trainer’s entire library of asynchronous courses to guide you through every aspect of your L&D career journey.


Free all-access pass to The Overnight Trainer’s live coaching programs and masterclasses, including Nail Your L&D Niche, The Sprint 30-Day Challenge, Ace the Interview, and more!



Craft the perfect L&D resume and have it reviewed by an in-house resume coach and L&D hiring manager.

Sarah Cannistra


Attend 90+minutes of monthly live Q&A  where Sarah answers all of your burning L&D carer development questions. Join like-minded L&D folks on a journey to grow their L&D careers. Hear from top L&D industry guest speakers.

Where’s the Proof?

“I joined because social learning keeps me motivated and participated in a COP focused on a model that’s already brought me so much professional success makes me excited to continue learning alongside other amazing professionals.”

Jacqueline Epler, Promoted while learning LCD model

“10/10 would highly recommend Sarah’s group coaching program! I was feeling completely defeated after 5 months of resume writing, mass applying, and interviewing with no results. Within a few short weeks of starting the program I received a job offer. By the penultimate week, I landed my DREAM JOB! If you want to gain a better understanding of where you belong in the L&D world, learn how to articulate your experience in a corporate setting, up your networking game, and land interviews without ever applying – then sign up today”


“Using what I learned from the Sarah’s asynchronous course, and the incredible insights shared during regular group calls and an active private LinkedIn group, I have developed the confidence to not settle for anything LESS than that dream opportunity. When I look back on my career, I will identify this group as the pivotal point into feeling fulfilled in my career”


Sign Up Today

If you just want to make a difference to your career by learning the competency, your fee will give you access to the LCD Fundamentals course + certificate, LCD Tools v2.0 walkthroughs, LCD community calls, and LCD Learning Cluster Library.

With LDCC Plus, your fee gives you access to two career-changing communities. One great price.

Join BOTH The L&D Career Club AND The Learning Cluster Design Community of Practice and gain instant access to the LCD Fundamentals course, LCD Tools v2.0 walkthroughs, an all access pass to live group Overnight Trainer masterclasses, L&D Career Development courses, regular LCD community calls, Live Q&A’s with Sarah, Resume Review, and more.

You don’t have to wait for another cohort or a live event date. The L&D Career Club Plus is always available to join.  Just register by submitting your payment and you’ll be added the two platforms you’ll need instantly.

LDCC Plus Pay Upfront (save $595!)

$2,999one time for a year access

LDCC Plus Payment Plan - Total $3594

$599monthly for six months

Your ROI

We’re going to make it easy for you and do the math.

The Return You Can Expect

Your investment: spend $3,000-$3500 on this community.

According to, the average salary of an instructional designer in the US is approximately $63,000.

For a training manager? $132,000.

That’s a big difference.

We can help you make the big bucks — and a bigger impact.

For an investment you make this year, you get or stay strong on the path to being a learning leader. You will make a big difference to your personal take home pay and career satisfaction.

Professional Development Dollars

And don’t forget, you might have professional development offered as a benefit at your company! Make sure to check and see if you can get your investment reimbursed.

About the Collaboration

Crystal KadakiaCrystal Kadakia is the founder of LCD Group and co-creator of the Learning Cluster Design model. She has been working to modernize the L&D field since 2015, by introducing a new strategic competency of developing multi-asset learning strategy in place of one-and-done training programs. The LCD Group is the premier “train-the-trainer”, award-winning learning and consulting and has reached 50,000+ individuals around the globe.



Sarah Cannistra is the founder of The Overnight Trainer. After becoming an overnight trainer herself, within two years she grew her career to become the Director of Corporate Training for an 2,500+ person organization. Since growing her career in learning, Sarah launched The Overnight Trainer, a suite of best in class, targeted resources and community to help learning professionals find, land, love, and grow in the L&D career of their dreams.