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Make sure to avoid leaping to design and using your intuition.

Use a data-driven, thorough approach, outlined step by step in the Tools, to create your learning cluster.


Attention Book Readers! Stop using the old LCD Tools v1.0!

**NOTE: The new LCD Tools (version 2) are NOT the ones published in the book. They reflect several years of LCD Group practitioner experience and research by the co-creators on Tracking Transformation of multiple assets.

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LCD Tools v1.0 are no longer available online. Make sure to download the latest version using the form below.

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Why? Because you can go beyond the book and the Tools with our LCD Courses and Learning Experiences.

For those that just want a simple course, the Fundamentals of LCD is an application-centered self-directed course to start building more capability in the model.

For those that want to build practitioner-level capability over time, our learning experiences are a better fit.

  • For L&D professionals, we offer the LCD Practicum where you build the fundamentals, apply to a case study, AND apply to your own work with coaching.
  • For L&D departments, we offer a 90-Day L&D Impact Accelerator that provides actionable guidance for developing learning clusters within 90 days.
  • For L&D consultants, we have an exclusive 30-Day L&D High Value Client Bootcamp designed to help you take your business from technical instructional design work to strategic consulting work

Join thousands of successful learners today who have already tapped into the power of the LCD model to move their careers forward and improve the reputation of L&D in their company – join one of our LCD Courses now!

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Tool V2.0 Evolution Origin Story

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Owens-Kadakia LCD Model

Change On-The-Job Behavior

Objective of This Tool: Create the On-the-Job Change Objective (OCO) and set the goal and scope for the Learning Cluster Initiative.

Learn Learner-to-Learner Differences

Objective of This Tool: Identify and develop 3-5 learner personas that differentiate those segments of your learner population who uniquely impact the On-the-Job Change Objective.

Upgrade Existing Assets

Objective of This Tool: Evaluate existing learning assets for possible upgrading or repurposing by assessing them against the Nine Elements of Modern Learning.

Surround Learners with Meaningful Assets

Objective of This Tool: Recommend a Learning Cluster made up of 5-10 Learning Assets across all Learning Touchpoints (Social, Formal, and Immediate).

Track Transformation of Everyone’s Results

Objective of This Tool: Using the LCD Levels of Evaluation, design the LCD Metrics Plan that tracks progress of the learning cluster’s collective set of learning assets toward the On-the-Job Change Objective goals.

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