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The LCD Practicum

300+ graduates | 97% recommend the course | 225 + Learning Clusters created

Practice on Your Work.

Learn How To Execute the LCD Model & Tools.

Get Expert Coaching.

This course is 3 days (in person) or 3 weeks (blended virtual) and teaches you how to create the deliverables for each Action and execute the LCD Model’s Tools.

After the course, alumni share that they were able to implement the cluster they worked on, the LCD model is a big part of the way they work and modernizing learning is actively making progress in their organization.

Example Participant Output

See the learning clusters past participants have created by the end of the practicum. Find these examples and more here.

Onboarding Cluster in the Banking Industry

90-day ILT for Tech Skills Into a Cluster

Which Practicum is Right for You?

The course is offered in a variety of ways to meet your need and situation.


  • 3 Blended Weeks with 4 Live Sessions
  • In-depth fundamentals of Five Actions, the Tools, & the Model
  • Additional Job Aids & Resources not included in book or any other course to execute the model
  • Asynchronous + office hours coaching
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Book not included
  • Individual projects only
  • $1700 per participant


  • 3 Blended Weeks with 4 Live Sessions
  • In-depth fundamentals of Five Actions, the Tools, & the Model
  • Additional Job Aids & Resources not included in book or any other course to execute the model
  • Individual and team live coaching calls
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Book included
  • Individual & Team projects
  • $3500 per participant


  • 3 Blended Days with 4 Live Sessions
  • In-depth fundamentals of Five Actions, the Tools, & the Model
  • Additional Job Aids & Resources not included in book or any other course to execute the model
  • Individual and team In person coaching
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Book included
  • Individual & Team projects
  • $3500 per participant

More About the Practicum

Using the leading community collaboration platform, Circle, to deliver a novel, social-learning-centered experience, we build your capability to designing learning for your customers across the flow of work.

You will go on a 3-week blended learning journey to learn the model, the Five Actions, the Tools, and apply to a current project you bring to the course.

Alongside your flow of work, you will experience:

  • 2.5 days of learning time spread across three weeks
  • 1 Learning Cluster for a Current Work project/initiative
  • 4 live sessions
  • 3.5 hours of self-study
  • Social learning through the leading platform for community, Circle
  • 3 rounds of coaching on your project
  • 2 office hours
  • 1 case study

Capped at 15 participants and no more than 3 individuals from the same company to provide a deep, diverse, quality experience.

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While the general structure, goals, and curricula are the same as the public practicum, there are unique differences when you decide to invest in a private team experience.

Book: We include the book for each participant as well as options (based on team capacity) to read the book together prior to course

Customized Schedules: Different teams have different availabilities for this course and we work with you to customize the length, timing, and content for your goals.

Team Work: Learning Cluster projects have the option to be done in pairs or teams, rather than required to be individual

Coaching for L&D Leaders: We include support to help figure out your next steps as a leader with your team and your organization

Maintain Internal Focus: While in our public sessions, an advantage is to be able to witness and learn from other industries, for a larger team this can actually be distracting. We find teams benefit from being able to talk in depth about the specifics of their organization.

Team Building: Taking an immersive course like this naturally builds a stronger team and relationships that are often exciting and momentum building.

*Note: If you have more than three participants, we require a private session to maintain the integrity of both the public and your team experience. If you have more than fifteen team members, multiple private sessions are recommended.

Some examples of custom private practicum schedules are shown to the right.

Example Schedule Option 1:

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Example Schedule Option 2:

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Our 3 day in person course takes the best of the online experience and brings it offline, where social connections and immersion into learning the model can take place.

Activities typically done online, are done throughout the local area, bringing additional engagement & social connection possibilities.

Rather than a typical immersion into lecture, the agenda blends self reflection, group work and generative dialogue along with application of the model to your work project.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, alumni report being able to iterate and implement the cluster they created in the course, actively make learning clusters a part of their work, and drive a new movement for modern learning at their workplace.

  • Acknowledge the common mistakes and advanced considerations when applying each of the Five Tools
  • Gain inspiration and greater understanding through viewing examples of deliverables and work processes from real LCD use cases

  • Apply the model to a simple case study and then to your more complex work project

  • Learn to apply the full LCD model with an integrated lens that allows you to receive the combined effect of all Five Actions working together:

    • How the Change Action changes conversation and relationships with your stakeholders and helps create a clear anchor for your whole design regardless of soft skill or technical skill initiatives
    • How to make sure the Learn Action creates unique and relevant personas for selecting assets, not just generic demographic-based audiences
    • How to consider Upgrades for repurposing and reusing the experience and the content of existing assets
    • How to bring all the data from multiple Actions together to create the best initial cluster recommendation in the Surround Action
    • How Tracking is a part of every Action and how to build your strategy to measure collective impact
  • Express confidence in delivering Learning Clusters for capability gaps in your organization

  • Commit to strategically thinking through the LCD Model to address the complexities of different learning initiatives, rather than in a prescriptive, copy-and-paste approach for each initiative

What Our Graduates Say

Public Practicum Additional Testimonials

Private Practicum Additional Testimonials

“You have nothing to lose and you won’t regret it. My team and I tried for a year and a half to apply the model on our own. I’ve read the book twice. The two weeks flipped us completely and gave us the right direction we had been missing.”

– S. Ashford, L&D & Customer Education Leader

“I was never satisfied with the benefits to the business in my SPOs. On my own, I was not able to pinpoint why I never felt they were right, but during the coaching session and hear other participants share their SPOs, it was identified that I was too vague and general.”

– D. Gsoell, L&D Leader, Veritext

“Using the tools will really help me help others to produce meaningful assets that help the learners where they are.”

– J. Hurley, Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What if none of the public practicum dates work for me?2022-10-22T21:18:15-04:00

You can subscribe for updates at the bottom of the page and you’ll be informed of future offerings for the public practicums.

Who is the Practicum Best Suited For?2022-10-20T21:18:28-04:00

It for anyone who wants to become an LCD practitioner – who wants the LCD model to become the normal way they create learning for others.

For those experienced in the training industry, we will help bridge tradition with modern.

Though we do bring in fundamentals from the training field, for those who are outside of learning & development, you will find it easier in the sense that you might have more of a blank slate or less “baggage” when thinking about the principles shared with the model.

How Can I Build the Business Case for my Attendance?2022-11-04T11:07:23-04:00

We can help you! Just contact us and we can send you resources based on your specific needs and culture.

What is a practicum and what are the outcomes I can expect?2022-11-04T10:53:12-04:00

A practicum by definition implies a practical experience, guided by an expert. While we have introductory ways to learn about the LCD model, the LCD Practicum is THE essential learning asset to make Learning Clusters a norm for you in your toolkit.

It will give you an intermediate level of capability in the model – which you can grow to advanced through further practice, implementation, and becoming certified in the model.

You will engage in live sessions, self study, social learning, coaching, case study practice, and real work application.

The outcomes include:

  • A Learning Cluster for a project you are currently working on (you will get work done by participating in this practicum!)
  • Confidence that you can build an effective and successful learning cluster on your own
  • A new community of modern learning professionals who align with your thinking
  • A new movement and momentum in your organization to modernize learning
  • Greater probability of behavior change for your learners on any learning clusters you build!

How much time commitment is the practicum?2022-11-04T10:55:50-04:00

For the virtual practicum, you should budget spending about 1-2 hours/day or about 5-8 hours/week.

  • 3.5 hours for self study
  • 7 hours of live sessions
  • 2 optional hours of office hours

For the in-person offering, you can expect to be immersed for 3 full work days.

How big are the sessions and how often do public practicums occur?2022-10-22T16:03:30-04:00

We cap at 15 participants to keep a high quality experience with plenty of individual coaching and attention. We offer several public practicums each year; you can see our current available public sessions at the bottom of the practicum page.

Why should I invest in the practicum if I’ve read the book?2022-11-04T11:04:31-04:00

After multiple years of practice since publishing the book, there’s a lot the book doesn’t cover!

While the book does an amazing job introducing the model and providing a few examples of the Tools, the LCD model is best learned by doing.

That is where complexities in application arise.

At it’s heart, the LCD model is a strategic framework.

Learning how to think for each of the Actions and the model as a whole is crucial to building capability in creating multiple learning assets and learning clusters.

Though the book explains the what, the how comes from practice, social learning from others and others’ diverse examples, and guidance from the experts.

What better way to learn the model than to apply it to your work, centered in your organization’s culture, learners, and business challenges?

The best answer to this question comes from Suzanne Ashford, an L&D Leader who read the book twice and spent a year and a half with her team trying to do it on their own, before attending the LCD Practicum.

What happens after the practicum?2022-10-22T16:03:17-04:00

After the practicum, you can continue to grow by:

  • Staying engaged via our free monthly community dialogues
  • Contacting us to speak or otherwise share your learning cluster through our dialogues or newsletter – we love featuring modern learning leaders and it gives you a chance to revisit and reflect!
  • Participate in the LCD Helpline.
  • Become certified in the model – this is an annual commitment to demonstrate that you are continuing to learn through engaging with our community and applying the model in real life
Can I send my entire team to the public practicum?2022-10-22T16:03:04-04:00

We limit public practicums to 3 team members from the same organization per practicum; we don’t allow large teams into our public practicum because it reduces the quality of the practicum experience for everyone.

We’ve had organizations send 2-3 team members to multiple public practicums and that’s ok; although, keep in mind that we’ve noticed those organizations taking longer to adopt the model than organizations who invest in private practicums.

The most successful approach we’ve seen is to host one or multiple private practicums (depending on team size), then follow up with sending new or additional team members to public practicums as needed.

What’s the difference between sending my team to the public session vs. investing in a private team experience?2022-10-22T16:02:30-04:00

If you have a team over 4 people, we highly recommend investing in a private team practicum. With a private experience, you get the opportunity to:

  • Work in pairs or trios on building learning cluster projects – in the public experience, we cannot accommodate team members from the same company who want to work with one another
  • Coaching for the leader of the team – we make sure you have guidance on how to continue building your L&D strategy with the LCD model as a component
  • Deeper facilitation – we are able to tailor all of our coaching and facilitation towards your company’s culture, challenges, and nuances
  • Team building and momentum – teams that learn the model together, speak the same language and have new energy towards their work
  • Custom live session times if needed – we can shift our regular schedule times if needed for your team

Here from the learning leader at Atlassian and his team members about the impact of  the private experience:

It’s difficult to take my whole team away from the work. How will this be in the flow of work?2022-11-04T11:05:48-04:00

We are committed to delivering the experience in the flow of work as possible.

Learning by doing isn’t simply about using case studies we offer.

Not only do we intend for your team to get work done together, their work will actually be accelerated. In just three weeks (or three days in-person), your team will have build draft learning clusters together by using the model.

In addition, since the practicum centers around an asynchronous social learning platform, participants have the autonomy to manage their participation around their other work responsibilities.

Why should I invest in the Practicum for my team?2022-10-23T11:58:46-04:00

What should I plan as a budgetary estimate for a private practicum?2022-10-22T16:04:49-04:00

The base estimate is $3500/participant, up to 15 participants per session, with a minimum of 4 participants.

If you have less than 4 participants, we recommend using the public practicum approach.

If your team is larger, we are happy to discuss discounts for multiple sessions.

How do I register for the public practicum?2022-10-22T16:02:46-04:00

Just sign up for the date that works best for you at the bottom of the practicum page.

If you’d like to register and pay via check, please email us and we’ll be happy to send you an invoice.

How do I schedule the private practicum?2022-10-22T21:16:18-04:00

Complete the form at the bottom of the page and someone from our team will get back to you quickly.

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