The LCD Practicum

300+ graduates | 97% recommend the course | 225 + Learning Clusters created

Practice on Your Work.

Learn How To Execute the LCD Model & Tools.

Guided with Expert Facilitation and Coaching.


This 3 week course (blended virtual) teaches you how to create the deliverables for each Action and execute the LCD Model’s Tools.

After the course, alumni share that they were able to implement the cluster they worked on, the LCD model is a big part of the way they work and modernizing learning is actively making progress in their organization.

Example Participant Output

See the learning clusters past participants have created by the end of the practicum. Find these examples and more here.

Onboarding Cluster in the Banking Industry

90-day ILT for Tech Skills Into a Cluster

What is in the Course?

You will go on a 3-week blended & social learning journey to learn the model, the Five Actions, the Tools, and apply to a current project you bring to the course.

With your registration you will receive:

  • 1 Learning Cluster for a Current Work project/initiative
  • 4 two-hour long live sessions with our expert LCD facilitators
  • 3.5 hours of self-study material
  • Social learning through the leading platform for community, Circle
  • 3 rounds of coaching on your project
  • 2 office hours
  • 1 case study 

Using the leading community collaboration platform, Circle, we’ve designed a novel, social-learning-centered experience.

It will give you an intermediate level of capability in the model – which you can grow to advanced through further practice, implementation, and becoming certified in the model.

The outcomes include:

  • A Learning Cluster for a project you are currently working on (you will get work done by participating in this practicum!)
  • Confidence that you can build an effective and successful learning cluster on your own
  • A BIG step to becoming a CLP – A Certified LCD Practitioner
  • A new movement and momentum in your organization to modernize learning
  • Greater probability of behavior change for your learners on any learning clusters you build!

Capped at 15 participants and no more than 3 individuals from the same company to provide a deep, diverse, quality experience.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, alumni report being able to iterate and implement the cluster they created in the course, actively make learning clusters a part of their work, and drive a new movement for modern learning at their workplace.

  • Learn to apply the full LCD model with an integrated lens that allows you to receive the combined effect of all Five Actions working together:

    • How the Change Action changes conversation and relationships with your stakeholders and helps create a clear anchor for your whole design regardless of soft skill or technical skill initiatives
    • How to make sure the Learn Action creates unique and relevant personas for selecting assets, not just generic demographic-based audiences
    • How to consider Upgrades for repurposing and reusing the experience and the content of existing assets
    • How to bring all the data from multiple Actions together to create the best initial cluster recommendation in the Surround Action
    • How Tracking is a part of every Action and how to build your strategy to measure collective impact
  • Acknowledge the common mistakes and advanced considerations when applying each of the Five Tools
  • Express confidence in delivering Learning Clusters for capability gaps in your organization

  • Commit to strategically thinking through the LCD Model to address the complexities of different learning initiatives, rather than in a prescriptive, copy-and-paste approach for each initiative

Which Practicum is Right for You?

The course is offered in a public setting or a private team setting.

VIRTUAL (PUBLIC) for Individuals

  • Public course with participants from multiple companies
  • 3 Blended Weeks with 4 Live Sessions
  • In-depth fundamentals of Five Actions, the Tools, & the Model
  • Additional Job Aids & Resources not included in book or any other course to execute the model
  • One year of support through the LCD Community of Practice
  • Asynchronous + office hours coaching
  • Fixed Schedule
  • Book not included
  • Individual projects only
  • $1797 per participant


  • A private course just for a single company’s team
  • 3 Blended Weeks with 4 Live Sessions
  • In-depth fundamentals of Five Actions, the Tools, & the Model
  • Additional Job Aids & Resources not included in book or any other course to execute the model
  • One year of support through the LCD Community of Practice
  • Individual and team live coaching calls
  • Customizable Schedule
  • Book included
  • Individual & Team projects
  • $3000 per participant

While the general structure is the same, there are many differences that make a private practicum more effective for teams:

>> All Inclusive Learning Experience: We include the book for each participant as well as options (based on team capacity) to read the book together prior to the live sessions. This creates a comprehensive momentum build for your team. 

>> Customized Schedules and 3-Day In-Person Option: Different teams have different availabilities for this course and we work with you to customize the length, timing, and content for your goals. We also offer a 3-Day version of this course if preferred over the virtual option.

>> Team Clusters: Learning Cluster projects have the option to be done in pairs or teams, rather than required to be individual

>> Go Deeper with an Internal Focus: While in our public sessions, an advantage is to be able to witness and learn from other industries, for a larger team this can actually be distracting. We find teams benefit from being able to talk in depth about the specifics of their organization.

>> Team Building: Taking an immersive course like this creates shared language, shared vision, and naturally builds a stronger team and relationships that are often exciting and momentum building.

*Note: If you have more than three participants, we require a private session to maintain the integrity of both the public and your team experience. If you have more than fifteen team members, we can help build a champion approach or multiple private sessions to upskill your organization.

Discount Offer

Discount Offer

Leave an Amazon book review and receive $50 off your registration!

Register for the Next Public Session

Fall Session: LCD Practicum (Virtual Public)

Live sessions:

  • Sept 11th 12-1 pm EST Welcome Session
  • Sept 15th 12-2 pm EST LCD Action Review Session
  • Sept 18th 12-2 pm EST Case Study Session
  • Sept 29th 12-2 pm EST Final Presentation Session

Time Commitment: Blended learning – 2 days spread across three weeks, with 4 live sessions

Limited to the first 15 participants who register.


Schedule a Private Practicum for Your Team

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What Our Graduates Say

“You have nothing to lose and you won’t regret it. My team and I tried for a year and a half to apply the model on our own. I’ve read the book twice. The LCD Practicum flipped us completely and gave us the right direction we had been missing.”

S. AshfordS. Ashford. L&D & Customer Education Leader, GE Digital

“I was never satisfied with the benefits to the business in my LCD OTJ Change Objectives. On my own, I was not able to pinpoint why I never felt they were right, but during the coaching session and hear other participants share their OCOs, it was identified that I was too vague and general.”

D. Gsoell, L&D Leader, Veritext Legal

“By working through the Tools step by step really helped me understand how to use the model and getting feedback was the biggest takeaway.

It was great to talk in-depth and ask my questions to the facilitators was really helpful. We had questions we had been collecting through the book that we got to answer.

It was also valuable to hear other people and how they are going to apply the model in their companies, that community aspect.”

E. StrongE. Strong, L&D Manager, Veritext Legal

I love how we learned how to bring learning into the flow of work in a manageable way.

One thing that was an ah-ha for me was when Crystal was teaching us how to have interviews with people. I actually called people up during the practicum to ask them about their pain points and it was like this whole world opened up for me.

I get to design training now that impacts their pain points AND I learned new things they needed through these interviews.”

– L. Daniels, DEI Consultant, Pattern Energy

L. Mcdaniel, Pattern Energy

Public Practicum Additional Testimonials

Private Practicum Additional Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there assistance for people looking to get their employers to purchase this training for them?

We understand that going to your employer for budget can be difficult. Consider your Professional Development budget for the year and the ROI this will have on your productivity and business results. We have drafted a presentation and an email template you can use, available here.

Why should I invest in the LCD Practicum if I’ve read the book?

While the book does an amazing job introducing the model and providing a few examples of the Tools, the LCD model is best learned by doing. That is where complexities in application arise.

At it’s heart, the LCD model is a strategic framework.

Learning how to think for each of the Actions and the model as a whole is crucial to building capability in creating multiple learning assets and learning clusters.

Though the book explains the what, the how comes from practice, social learning from others and others’ diverse examples, and guidance from the experts.

What better way to learn the model than to apply it to your work, centered in your organization’s culture, learners, and business challenges?

How often do public Practicums occur?

Currently we offer public sessions twice a year, a spring session and a fall session. If these timings don’t work for you, let us know that you’d like us to host a third session.

Do I receive a Certificate I can share when I complete content?

You will receive a LCD Practicum certificate for completing the course.

What is the connection between the Practicum and the Certification?

After you complete the Practicum and implement your learning cluster, you can apply to become certified. The CLP distinction sets you apart from others, because it means you have been formally upskilled, are actively practicing and growing as an expert in the model.

What payment options are available?

You can pay via credit card. You will be issued an automatic invoice once your payment is processed.

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