The LCD Helpline

Have you heard about the LCD model and are trying it out for the first time? Have you already been to one of our formal courses and are looking for ongoing, more advanced support?

If you’ve decided to move beyond one and done training and apply LCD model to your work, the following assets will help you break through challenges in the moment of application.

The LCD Helpline

The LCD Helpline quarterly subscription provides ongoing immediate access to LCD experts to answer your questions as you try out, implement, and scale the LCD model in your work.

When you’re applying LCD model, you might run into issues and wish you had an expert to ask. The LCD Helpline is now available to support you!

For individuals or for teams, the LCD Helpline gives you access to our online social learning platform, Circle, and provides an ongoing space for you to post your questions and challenges. You will get coaching from the LCD model’s co-creator and our founder, Crystal Kadakia, that will help you in your work’s moment of need.

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Our pricing enables our team the capacity to ensure we can answer questions within 24 hours, and no later than 48 hours. Ensuring you provide an accurate team size count and sign up for the appropriate subscription helps supports the quality experience for the full community.

If your team is larger than 10 individuals, please contact us at

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