The LCD Community of Practice (CoP)

Access to the comprehensive platform support applying the LCD model. The platform includes modern learning project advisory services, career building credentials & learning for the LCD model, and a community of top modern learning thinkers.

  24/7 Access to Experts | 50+ Learning Cluster Examples | 6 Courses | Regular CoP Call

What does the LCD CoP offer?

Membership to the LCD CoP provides instant access to LCD experts, onboarding to the Fundamentals of LCD, and an exclusive top modern learner thinker community as you try out, implement, and scale the LCD model to drive modern learning at your organization.

With your subscription, you will get:

🌟 A 24/7 Available Platform To Ask Questions. Get your in-practice questions answered by THE experts – co-creators of the LCD Model, Crystal Kadakia and Lisa MD Owens.

🌟 Our Learning Cluster Library. Easily searchable and kept up to date with 50+ examples of learning clusters for a diverse range of problems, industry sectors, and audiences.

🌟 The LCD Fundamentals Course. Perfect for first time learners, in this course, you will learn an overview of the Actions through applying to a case study.

🌟 Our Tool Walkthrough Videos. Learning the Tools for the first time? Ready to learn the nuances and advanced tips for handling complexities in the real world? Whatever your level, in 15 min or less, these powerful videos are ones you’ll want to return to over and over as you deepen your understanding.

🌟 Our Monthly Practitioner Community Call. Learn from each other. Dialogue on trends and challenges. Vibe with others who get modern learning. Access recordings.

🌟Cohesion and Scale for Teams Committed to Modern Learning. Teams can easily onboard to the LCD model and find answers to questions on their individual projects – without placing the burden on another team member.

Who is the LCD CoP for?

Anyone passionate about modernizing learning and the LCD model. Designed for anyone interested in developing a standout competency and leading an impactful learning career.

The LCD CoP is for:

🌟 New to LCD: Great for first time learners of the model

🌟 Book Readers: Move beyond an intellectual understanding of the theory to learning deeper and getting support while practicing

🌟 In-Process LCD Projects: Trying out parts of the model or all of the model on a project? The resources here will surround you with meaningful assets to make your execution a success – and a learning!

🌟 Learning Leaders and Teams: As you introduce and try out the model as a team, the resources in the CoP will be an essential momentum builder to get and keep everyone on the same page.

🌟 Non-L&D Learning Creator: Are you in marketing, SME, change management, or other role? The LCD model can help you as well.


By signing up for this subscription, you agree to LCD Group’s Terms and Conditions. We encourage you to fully review these policies prior to purchase.

A few key highlights:

  •  You agree to purchase and use a membership for each individual interested in being a member. You are not permitted to use your membership to ask questions on behalf of “a friend”, gather questions from team members and post in sum on our forum, and ask questions on behalf of the team as the leader of a group. If you are found violating this policy, your subscription will discontinue immediately and your organization will not be permitted to purchase future subscriptions.
  • Your subscription will continue until you cancel it.
  • Content you provide may be used by LCD Group Inc for continued education, marketing, and development purposes.
  • You agree to refrain from distribution or modification of our intellectual property (all content and course materials provided through this service) outside of your own personal use, including for use in a service you may provide.
E. Strong

We are often brought in late into the process. I think the LCD model will elevate learning departments in organization. Bringing that professionalism and more strategic thinking is really valuable.

E. Strong, L&D Manager, Veritext Legal
S. Shacklett

“I have been reading the book (Designing for Modern Learning) over the past month and meeting with my team each week to discuss the chapters. Joining the LCD Fundamentals course allowed for many “lightbulb” moments and the terminology I first heard about in the book is now becoming far more familiar to me.

Being able to practice on a cluster was very beneficial for me! The model makes so much more sense to me now and I am excited to put it into practice within my company!”

S. Shacklett, Fusion Medical Staffing
Gregg Fraley

“The LCD model reminds me why I got into the business in the first place.”

D. Sam, Mission and Test Services
“With the LCD Model, everyone would be happy at their job. You would have low turnover, high morale, people excited about learning because they will feel like people care about them as individuals.”
K. Bryan-Chambers, New Leaders
S. Ashford

“I think if everyone was trained on the LCD model, I think in the world of L&D it would completely revolutionize it, because we are trained to think very linearly from point a to point b and that everyone needs the same thing, but the reality is that we live in a very creative and diverse world. The beauty of the LCD model is that it meets you where you are and takes you on a journey to get where you need to go at the end.”

S. Ashford, Director of Customer Enablement, GE Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there assistance for people looking to get their employers to purchase this training for them?

We understand that going to your employer for budget can be difficult. Consider tapping into your outsourcing or learning administration budget for subscription(s). Rather than professional development, the CoP is an essential – and much less expensive – opportunity for consulting support on modern learning initiatives.


Do you offer any benefits or discounts for teams?

At this time, we offer 10-20% discounts on a case-by-case basis. Please email and let us know the size of your team. Please be aware that our platform policies prohibit using an individual subscription on behalf of a team, and organizations found in violation will be removed from our platform.

How are subscriptions billed?

Subscriptions are billed annually where you pay for your 12 month access to the platform in advance. We have dedicated support agents ready to help with any issues – just email

Do I receive a Certificate I can share when I complete content?

You will receive a LCD Fundamentals certificate for completing the course. Instructions to receive your certificate are available in the platform.

What payment options are available?

You can pay via credit card. You will be issued an automatic invoice once your payment is processed. 

Teams wishing to pay via bank invoice must email

What if I want to learn with a live, facilitated course?

Please view our flagship course, the LCD Practicum, whose graduates have gone on to win industry awards for their LCD work and gain the CLP, certified LCD Practitioner distinction.

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