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The Certified LCD Practitioner (CLP)

Become Certified | Set Yourself Apart | Level Up Your Career

Gain Credibility for Career Advancement

Leave One and Done Training and Order Taking Behind.

Modernize Learning Wherever You Are, Wherever You Work.

For serious practitioners that fully adopt the LCD model and clusters into their career.

Set Yourself Apart by Becoming a Certified LCD Practitioner

Establish yourself as a modern learning expert.

“Gaining the certification has done wonders for my career advancement”

-Certified LCD Practitioner

“I’ve learned so much through the continuing education”

-Certified LCD Practitioner

Certified LCD Practitioners are Experts

Certified LCD Practitioners are experts at executing the Learning Cluster Design Model in real world projects.

What does “expert” mean? 

LCD practitioners are proficient in applying the Five Actions, Five Tools, and Four LCD Principles across a wide spectrum of situations and contexts:

  • Capacity and Time Available: Certified LCD Practitioners execute the model
    • in a couple hours, on their own, if they don’t have the time or the project is low priority
    • AND can plan anywhere from a 6 week to 6 month full execution with high organizational involvement.
    • They can judge which approach is needed for the initiative.
  • Topics: Certified LCD Practitioners have no concern about executing the model for a soft skills vs technical skill initiative.
    • They are experts in the process and are topic- and customer- agnostic.
    • They can quickly onboard to the essentials of a new topic that are relevant to building a successful learning cluster.
  • Clients: Certified LCD Practitioners can apply the model for
    • internal learners, from employees to leaders,
    • as well as external learners
    • or consulting clients.

The LCD Certification is a practice-based credential, not just course-based. You must be upskilled in the model, but also show and demonstrate evidence of using the model.


Getting certified and keeping your Certified LCD Practitioner active is proof you’re committed to modernizing learning wherever you are, wherever you work.

What you get for becoming a Certified LCD Practitioner:

  • The Certification – You’ll receive an official certificate that you can frame.

  • Certified LCD Practitioner Badge – Showcase the badge, a visual icon, that can be displayed on LinkedIn, email signatures, or wherever you see fit. Confidently share your qualifications as a Certified LCD Practitioner.
  • Skill Development and Continuing Education – Stay motivated to keep growing in the LCD model, work on more strategic projects and stay on top of modern learning trends.
  • Distinguish Yourself as an Expert – Set yourself apart from people who had just read the book and are trying the LCD model on their own.

  • Make the Change – Keeping up your certification is additional motivation to  actively leave one and done training and order taking behind and take on learning cluster initatives.
  • Career Progression – Build credibility for finding a job or to get promoted in your organization.

  • Community – Surround yourself with other Certified LCD Practitioners.

  • Prerequisite – Becoming a Certified LCD Practitioner is a prerequisite to becoming a facilitator or working as a consultant with the Learning Cluster Design Group.

Initial Certification Requirements

The LCD Certification is a practice-based credential, not just course-based. You must be upskilled in the model, but also show and demonstrate evidence of using the model, on-going, year on year.

What it takes to become a Certified LCD Practitioner:

  • Participate in the LCD Practicum– Graduate successfully from the LCD Practicum.

  • Submit a Project – Within 12 months of graduation, submit proof of how you implemented a learning cluster.

  • Pay Dues – Pay $50 application fee + $100 in annual dues (100% goes towards administrating the certification program)

On-Going Certification Requirements

What it takes to stay a Certified LCD Practitioner:

  • Active Practitioner – On an annual on-going basis you must submit proof of a recent learning cluster design project you worked on. (1 submission per calendar year)

  • Pay Dues – Stay current with $100 in annual dues (100% goes towards administrating the certification program)

  • Subject to Change – Requirements are subject to change at any time. All active Certified LCD Practitioners will have 12 months to comply with any new requirements.

Recognizing Organizations with Excellent Adoption of the LCD Model

If your organization has adopted the LCD model as the primary approach to modern learning, consider applying for the Modern Learning Award!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Certification?2022-10-28T21:37:37-04:00

Apply using the form at the bottom of the page.

What if I took the practicum more than 12 months ago, how can I become a certified practitioner?2022-10-28T21:38:44-04:00

Submit your learning cluster project for approval and you will receive next steps based on your submission.

What happens if I don’t submit an example learning cluster project within 12 months of taking the LCD Practicum?2022-10-28T21:40:35-04:00

If within 1 year you have not actively implemented or worked on a learning cluster, you’ll likely need the knowledge from the practicum again as a refresher to successfully implement a learning cluster in the future. You will get a discounted rate if you need to retake the LCD Practicum. Please contact us if you’re in this scenario.

Become a Certified LCD Practitioner Today!

Will take ~20 min to complete. We recommend reviewing the questions, gathering the data needed if you don’t have it already on hand, then returning to fill out the application.

For easy reference, here are the questions.

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