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The Intro to LCD Course

8 Hour Course | 1 Case Study | 94% Would Recommend Course

Practice on a Case Study.

Learn the LCD Model’s Five Actions.

Small Group Activities.

The Intro to LCD course is an eight-hour course (spread across two days virtually or full day in person) that inspires you by LCD model’s concept of modern learning and introduces you to the LCD model’s Five Actions.

After the course, alumni share that they start trying out single Actions of the model or the general philosophy to their work.

About the Course

This course is a first step for a wide range of learning creators who have heard or read about the model.

  • New to L&D: This is a great introduction for those without any L&D experience who are or want to get in a new L&D role and want to start off with modern learning expertise from the get-go.
  • Modern Learning Changemaker: You are an experienced L&D professional who wants to move from traditional L&D to Modern Learning. You’ve heard or read about the model, but aren’t ready to name LCD model as your go-to. You’d like to learn more, before investing more.
  • Non-L&D Learning Creator or Supporter: You are in a non-L&D role, supporting learning experiences, and want to be aligned with your learning group or want to drive a change in your learning group. You are doing “stealth training” — and you want it to make an impact.
  • Learning Leaders – If you’d like LCD model to be a norm for your team and organization, and think an immersive course experience is easier to get an overview than read a book, this course is for you.
  • Learning Teams – Teams who are interested in being inspired to create modern learning, learn a new approach at a high level, but not yet practice the model as a core pillar in their strategy.

Course Options

In the virtual course, 8 hours of learning is spread across two days.

Using a combination of our asynchronous platform, Circle, and small group activities, you will learn about the LCD Model and the five Actions.

You can request an Intro to LCD course as a private session for your team. Leaders who want to introduce the model, inspire new energy and thinking, but aren’t ready to make it the norm, find this course a perfect fit for their full team.

How does a private intro course differ from the public intro course?

  • Custom Schedule: We only offer the public intro course a few times a year. We offer private sessions based on your team’s schedule and workplans.
  • In-Person (Optional): The private intro course can be offered in-person at a location most convenient for your team.
  • Large Teams: The public course is limited on seats. If you have a large team and we don’t have enough seats to accommodate your entire team, a private session may be a fit.

The private Intro to LCD course follows exactly the same agenda as the public Intro to LCD course other than custom scheduling and optional in person delivery.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, alumni report applying the general philosophy of modern learning in their work and feeling confident to start trying out one of more Actions of the model.

  • Explore what it means to support Modern Learning
  • Articulate the learning creator’s new job

  • Explain the LCD model principles and how they differ from the current learning approach in use
  • Try each of the Five Actions of the Learning Cluster Design model on a case study, resulting in class learning cluster
  • Express inspiration, motivation, and confidence to start incorporating LCD model philosophy into your learning initiatives

*Due to the length and focus of this course, we do not cover the LCD Tools in depth.  We maintain focus on ensuring learners understand the LCD principles, philosophy, and Actions. The LCD Practicum focuses on execution of the Model and dives deep into Tools, examples, and templates.

What Our Graduates Say

“I have been reading the book (Designing for Modern Learning) over the past month and meeting with my team each week to discuss the chapters. Joining this session allowed for many “lightbulb” moments and the terminology I first heard about in the book is now becoming far more familiar to me.

Being able to practice on a cluster within the breakout groups was very beneficial for me! Hearing you explain the Actions and being able to listen to you review the learning tools live was so beneficial for me. The model makes so much more sense to me now and I am excited to put it into practice within my company!”

S. Shacklett, Fusion Medical Staffing

“The biggest takeaway for me was to shift the thinking about Enablement and L&D away from only the formal learning mode.”

Tiffany Barwick, L&D Manager, Samsara

“The learning was chunked and accessible. We worked on a real situation. Very helpful.”

Donna Johnson, OD Specialist, Geisinger

“Reminded me why I got into the business in the first place.”

D. Sams, Mission and Test Services

“Thought provoking – get ready to do a lot of reflection and thinking.”

Kim Gundayo, Instructional Designer, Samsara

“The biggest takeaway for me was to be bold enough to create targeted learning assets that break the status quo.”

John Baker, Content Strategist, Samsara

“Good overview of the model but also practical opportunity to practice each action which made sense of the theory.”

Helen Davison, CLO, New Zealand Inland Revenue Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Build the Business Case for my Attendance?2022-11-04T11:07:23-04:00

We can help you! Just contact us and we can send you resources based on your specific needs and culture.

What’s the difference between the Intro to LCD course and the Practicum?2022-11-04T10:10:22-04:00

Great question! The primary differences between the LCD Practicum and the Intro to LCD Course are the level of capability you gain in the LCD model and the length.

The Intro to LCD Course is centered on bringing to life the LCD model’s modern learning philosophy and focused on getting to know the five Actions. A case study is a key design pillar in this course. This course is 8 hours (offered in person or virtually, public or private).

Each of LCD model’s five Actions comes with an in-depth Tool, a guided framework to develop the deliverable to each Action.

In addition to what’s covered in the Intro course, the LCD Practicum is centered on learning how to execute the LCD model, with a focus on the Tools, examples from real life clusters, and additional templates to help you. Working on your own work project is a key design pillar in this course. This course can be 3 days (in-person) or 3 weeks (blended virtual). Private and in-person course options come with the book and a book club experience.

Think of it this way –

  • The book, Designing for Modern Learning, is like reading about how to drive a car.
  • The Intro to LCD Course is like learning how to drive a bumper car (remember those fun arcades?!).
  • The LCD Practicum is like sitting with a driving school teacher, learning to drive a car
  • The LCD Helpline and Certification are like driving your car on a racetrack. You can have an expert driver with you for the ride, and you can get recognition for your work.

Visit our Courses page to learn more about the differences between these two experiences.

Why should I take the Intro to LCD course if I’ve already read the book?2022-10-22T21:07:53-04:00

While our book certainly says a lot in thousands of words, learning by doing is a crucial way to change your behavior towards application. It gives you a chance to experience what you’ve read – with expert guidance and coaching to push you to new edges and learning.

How do I register for the Intro to LCD course?2022-10-22T21:10:36-04:00

Just sign up for the date that works best for you at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to register and pay via check, please email us and we’ll be happy to send you an invoice.

What if none of the public course dates work for me?2022-10-22T21:18:56-04:00

You can subscribe for updates at the bottom of the page and you’ll be informed of future offerings for the Intro to LCD courses.

Can I send my team through the Intro to LCD course?2022-10-22T21:22:01-04:00

Yes, you can send your entire team to the public Intro to LCD course OR you can schedule a private Intro to LCD course which allows for custom schedules and optional in-person delivery. Minimum team size may apply. Please use the contact form to inquire about private courses.

How do I schedule a private Intro to LCD course?2022-10-22T21:23:29-04:00

Complete the form at the bottom of the page and someone from our team will get back to you quickly.

Should I sign up for both, the Intro to LCD course and the LCD Practicum?2022-11-04T10:19:43-04:00

Here are some ways to decide. Do you:

  • Tend to learn a wide variety of models and skills as inspiration and to get new ideas? The Intro course is a good fit for you.
  • Already believe multiple learning assets should be your way of working? The Practicum is a good choice and is your shortest and most resource efficient path.
  • Like to learn a little, try, then learn some more? Taking the Intro, putting small wins in place, and then taking the Practicum is a good journey.
  • Have you tried the model on your own already, hit roadblocks or want to push your results further? The Practicum is the best choice. The Intro does not cover the Tools and complexities in execution.
  • Are you building a movement for changing learning? You might consider splitting up your team. Learning creators might go to a private practicum. Learning supporters (think leaders, SMEs, facilitators, etc) might go to an Intro course. Or, you might take a journey approach to build change slower over time – Intro course and then the Practicum.

At any time, the LCD Helpline is a great choice to support your modern learning projects. It’s like having a sherpa for the model!

If you need help making this decision, you can always send us an email sharing your competency around the model and we can steer you to where we feel might be best for you.

Is the Intro to LCD course a prerequisite to the LCD Practicum?2022-10-22T21:30:14-04:00

If you’re already familiar with the model, language, and tools, we suggest going straight to the LCD Practicum. You are not required to take the Intro to LCD course in order to register for the LCD Practicum.

What happens after the Intro to LCD course?2022-10-22T21:35:56-04:00

After the Intro to LCD course, you can continue to grow by:

  • Signing up yourself and/or your team for the LCD Practicum
  • Staying engaged via our free monthly community dialogues
  • Contacting us to speak or otherwise share your learning cluster through our dialogues or newsletter – we love featuring modern learning leaders and it gives you a chance to revisit and reflect!
  • Participate in the LCD Helpline.
  • Become certified in the model – this is an annual commitment to demonstrate that you are continuing to learn through engaging with our community and applying the model in real life

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