LCD Immersives

In half a day, Immersives tackle the barriers to applying the model in your organization. 

You want to realize the benefits of the model. You know the model, but you haven’t be able to implement it fully in your work. 

  • Maybe the organization you work for has gotten in the way somehow –  the internal learning culture, the technology systems, or the capability of talent – either way,  something outside of knowing the content is stopping you from success
  • Maybe elements of leveraging the LCD model aren’t clicking. Something is missing and you needing more coaching on particular Actions tailored to your work problems

That’s where the Immersives come in. After building baseline capability in the model, we found our community wanting more.

The Immersives are ongoing learning that make your investment in knowing the ins and the outs of the LCD model worth it, by bringing the rest of the organization along.

Immersive Topics

The topics chosen for Immersives were handpicked based on what we heard as the toughest and most common barriers to application.

These topics help you capture the benefits of the model to create impact for your business, your internal customers, your stakeholders, and your internal reputation as a leading business partner.

They represent advanced applications, beyond those shared in the book Designing for Modern Learning, curated from our experiences consulting in the field.

Cluster Coaching Immersive

You’re in progress of building a Learning Cluster but you feel stuck or that it’s not good enough. Or you might have a handle on the LCD model and still want coaching to push your thinking. This Immersive takes your work-in-progress learning cluster to the next level, guided by our expert LCD consultant and facilitator team.

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Housing Learning Clusters Immersive

It’s great to have built learning clusters, but if no one can find the assets when and where they need them, we won’t gain the full benefits of the LCD model. This Immersive helps you build your strategy to house learning clusters. 

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Marketing Learning Clusters Immersive

It’s difficult to deliver a new learning product that no one expects. How do you manage the change of moving to modern learning? This Immersive helps you build a strategy to market your learning clusters and manage the change towards modern learning.

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Our Immersives are for you if:

  • You are already leveraging the LCD model today
  • Would like to upskill and expand your confidence in topic specific nuances

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