Housing Learning Clusters Immersive

It’s great to have built learning clusters, but if no one can find the assets when and where they need them, we won’t gain the full benefits of the LCD model. This half-day Immersive helps you build your strategy to house learning clusters.

“Oh, I didn’t know that resource was available.” How many times have you heard that from a target learner? More times than you’d like to admit? 

Yeah, we get it, us too. It’s frustrating to have spent time building the optimal learning cluster and then realize that few learners are actually leveraging the assets. They need assets that are easily accessible in and out of the flow of work. 

That’s where housing your learning clusters comes into play. It’s clear that most learning platforms aren’t built to house learning clusters. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to use your existing technology or even invest in new directions to make your learning cluster initiatives a success. We can strategically determine how best to house our learning assets to support our target learners and this Immersive shows you how. 

The Housing Learning Clusters immersive course is for you if you are looking to:

  • Build learner-centric platforms to house learning assets
  • House learning clusters rather than individual assets
  • Ensure all learning assets are accessible 
  • Strategically determine if an upgrade in technology will be needed
  • Build business case to support upgraded technology

The Outcomes

Your business will benefit from your participation by:

(1) Gaining a strategy for leveraging available and new technology for driving learning

(2) Improving diverse learning asset accessibility, resulting in closing learning gaps that occur in the moment on-the-job

(3) Driving learner-driven learning culture outside of the classroom and on the job

This Course Covers:

  • Exploring your current state and goals with housing learning

  • Brainstorming upgrades that move you from traditional content-centered to modern learner-centered platform strategy

  • Sharing modern platform transformation use cases including Sharepoint/Landing page style platforms to advanced LMS/LXPs

  • Developing your plan for improvements and investments

*This is a technology platform agnostic course and does not seek to answer technical execution questions on your particular platform.

This Course is for:

  • Learning Leaders – You’ve been trying to make the move to modernizing learning in the organization. You have the ability to make change, including possibly investing in new technologies, improving existing platforms, and driving partnerships with other functions. 
  • Knowledge Manager – You administer or own the current learning management system or platform. You have a high degree of knowledge around LMS systems, and are a key contributor or even decision maker around improving learning asset accessibility.
  • LCD Program Manager – You might be a learning creator versed in the LCD model, trying to find a home for your learning cluster work. You are likely working within existing platforms but, as a modern learning champion, might also be asked to help brainstorm improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The primary differences between the Practicum and the Immersives is the focus for building your capability. 

Think of it this way – the book, Designing for Modern Learning, is like reading about how to drive a car. The Intro to LCD Course is like learning how to drive a bumper car (remember those fun arcades?!). The LCD Practicum are like learning to drive your car. The Immersives are like learning to drive your car in your neighborhood.

Core of the CurriculumLength & FormatCostOutcomes
PracticumApply the model to an active or upcoming learning challenge for your organization with expert one on one coaching. 

Social Learning and deep study of pro tactics.

Virtual; 2 days of blended learning activity spread across 3-weeks; embedded in the flow of work     $1497   A Learning Cluster for a current work initiative.

Intermediate Level Capability in the Model.

Community built with other LCD users.

Intro to LCD Apply the model to a standard case-study. 

Overview of the Model

Virtual; 6-hr session with an hour of pre-work if you desire$997
Baseline capability in the model.

Practice applying the model.

ImmersivesVaries by topic Half-day  $697Advanced application knowledge and strategies to break through organizational and complex LCD Action barriers

While our book certainly says a lot in thousands of words, the content covered in Immersives are based on advanced application from our expert consulting experience and is not covered in the book.

That’s great! Make sure to let us know and we can consider offering a bulk discount.

We can help you. Just contact us and we can send you resources based on your specific needs and culture.

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