After multiple years of practice since publishing the book, there’s a lot the book doesn’t cover!

While the book does an amazing job introducing the model and providing a few examples of the Tools, the LCD model is best learned by doing.

That is where complexities in application arise.

At it’s heart, the LCD model is a strategic framework.

Learning how to think for each of the Actions and the model as a whole is crucial to building capability in creating multiple learning assets and learning clusters.

Though the book explains the what, the how comes from practice, social learning from others and others’ diverse examples, and guidance from the experts.

What better way to learn the model than to apply it to your work, centered in your organization’s culture, learners, and business challenges?

The best answer to this question comes from Suzanne Ashford, an L&D Leader who read the book twice and spent a year and a half with her team trying to do it on their own, before attending the LCD Practicum.