Great question! The primary differences between the LCD Practicum and the Intro to LCD Course are the level of capability you gain in the LCD model and the length.

The Intro to LCD Course is centered on bringing to life the LCD model’s modern learning philosophy and focused on getting to know the five Actions. A case study is a key design pillar in this course. This course is 8 hours (offered in person or virtually, public or private).

Each of LCD model’s five Actions comes with an in-depth Tool, a guided framework to develop the deliverable to each Action.

In addition to what’s covered in the Intro course, the LCD Practicum is centered on learning how to execute the LCD model, with a focus on the Tools, examples from real life clusters, and additional templates to help you. Working on your own work project is a key design pillar in this course. This course can be 3 days (in-person) or 3 weeks (blended virtual). Private and in-person course options come with the book and a book club experience.

Think of it this way –

  • The book, Designing for Modern Learning, is like reading about how to drive a car.
  • The Intro to LCD Course is like learning how to drive a bumper car (remember those fun arcades?!).
  • The LCD Practicum is like sitting with a driving school teacher, learning to drive a car
  • The LCD Helpline and Certification are like driving your car on a racetrack. You can have an expert driver with you for the ride, and you can get recognition for your work.

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