If you have a team over 4 people, we highly recommend investing in a private team practicum. With a private experience, you get the opportunity to:

  • Work in pairs or trios on building learning cluster projects – in the public experience, we cannot accommodate team members from the same company who want to work with one another
  • Coaching for the leader of the team – we make sure you have guidance on how to continue building your L&D strategy with the LCD model as a component
  • Deeper facilitation – we are able to tailor all of our coaching and facilitation towards your company’s culture, challenges, and nuances
  • Team building and momentum – teams that learn the model together, speak the same language and have new energy towards their work
  • Custom live session times if needed – we can shift our regular schedule times if needed for your team

Here from the learning leader at Atlassian and his team members about the impact of  the private experience: