A practicum by definition implies a practical experience, guided by an expert. While we have introductory ways to learn about the LCD model, the LCD Practicum is THE essential learning asset to make Learning Clusters a norm for you in your toolkit.

It will give you an intermediate level of capability in the model – which you can grow to advanced through further practice, implementation, and becoming certified in the model.

You will engage in live sessions, self study, social learning, coaching, case study practice, and real work application.

The outcomes include:

  • A Learning Cluster for a project you are currently working on (you will get work done by participating in this practicum!)
  • Confidence that you can build an effective and successful learning cluster on your own
  • A new community of modern learning professionals who align with your thinking
  • A new movement and momentum in your organization to modernize learning
  • Greater probability of behavior change for your learners on any learning clusters you build!