Sure! And remember, your course fee for the Intro course will be applied to the Practicum, if you sign up within 6 months of completing the Intro course.

Here are some ways to decide. Do you:

  • Tend to learn a wide variety of models and skills as inspiration and to get new ideas? The Intro course is a good fit for you.
  • Already believe multiple learning assets should be your way of working? The Practicum is a good choice and is your shortest and most resource efficient path.
  • Like to learn a little, try, then learn some more? Taking the Intro, putting small wins in place, and then taking the Practicum is a good journey.
  • Have you tried the model on your own already, hit roadblocks or want to push your results further? The Practicum is the best choice. The Intro does not cover the Tools and complexities in execution.
  • Are you building a movement for changing learning? You might consider splitting up your team. Learning creators might go to a private practicum. Learning supporters (think leaders, SMEs, facilitators, etc) might go to an Intro course. Or, you might take a journey approach to build change slower over time – Intro course and then the Practicum.

If you need help making this decision, you can always send us an email sharing your competency around the model and we can steer you to where we feel might be best for you.