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Are you Serious? Or Just Hopeful?

Are you Serious? Or Just Hopeful?
Motivation and insight for L&D on Tracking Success

By Lisa M.D. Owens,  January 202

This is the first of several blogs on Tracking Success for L&D. Crystal Kadakia and Lisa MD Owens are the co-creators of the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model. This model is made up of five Actions that L&D takes to create learning clusters to meet the needs of modern learners in a digital age. Because Modern changes every day. Lisa and Crystal regularly […]

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“I attend your monthly OK-LCD meetings and get a lot of value from them. I’ve also purchased your book and am learning more about the ins and outs of the OK-LCD model. It’s all very impressive and I’ve been recommending your meetings to several of my colleagues who are planning on checking them out.”

Anne Houle, L&D Director

“Great to network and hear about what others are seeing in the L&D space. Also, there were some great ideas, technology, etc. to take away and utilize.”

Joelle Chang, L&D Manager

“I think its a great way to share ideas with practitioners and bring the LCD model to life.”

Shane Jacques, L&D Manager, E&Y

“Just wanted to pop in and say what you are doing with LCD is awesome! I love the concept, and I’m always impressed with the caliber of the guests you are able to bring into the group! Keep it up.”

Kyle Cooper, Founder, Instruction Studio

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Sign up for these upcoming webinars, conferences, and other events, where co-creators Crystal Kadakia and Lisa MD Owens often share their perspective, along with other members of the LCD Group.

We are ecstatic to announce a special event hosted by Learning Cluster Design Model co-creator, Lisa MD Owens with Jack Phillips from the ROI Institute on February 10th. During our event Jack will provide insights for our LCD community, based on his decades of experience with measurement, evaluation, accountability and ROI. His methodology is a [...]

1/6 Modern Learning Dialogue | Edoardo Gironi

January 6 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

As we ring in the new year, we are enthusiastic to continue diving into the learning topics that are most important to all of you. Thursday, 1/06, we will be hosting our Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue and will be joined by Edoardo Gironi, Founder & CEO at APPRENDERE, will be sharing how the Learning Cluster [...]

12/2 Modern Learning Dialogue | Enid Crystal

December 2, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

For our last dialogue of 2022, we are excited to have Enid Crystal share how she has used Teams to curate learning assets and organize learning clusters. Come with your stories applying LCD, questions, and curiosities! If you're new to the model, you can learn more by watching the video below and exploring our youtube [...]

It is already November and we are excited to keep exploring topics that are most important to all of you. At this week’s dialogue, we will have Jennifer Zach, executive coach, share her experience using the Learning Cluster Design Model and how it has benefited her business. We’ve got lots of folks already interested in attending and would [...]

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