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Based on the book Designing for Modern Learning (ATD Press, 2020), the author(s) describe the OK-Learning Cluster Design model and an overview of how the model helps Learning and Development (L & D) modernize with less stress and more results. They provide a deeper dive on two of the 5 Actions that make up the model. Case studies and stories make this session a favorite among ATD Chapters.

L & D’s world continues to change, yet, based on recent surveys, L & D can’t seem to satisfy the C-Suite or our learners. The authors’ describe what has changed in our landscape and how that impacts L & D. The authors lay out a philosophy and a model that is helping L & D organizations remain relevant and even critical to the success of our businesses and their employees in this digital age.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will gain the following by participating in the webinar:

  • Speak the new language of modern learning and development
  • Gain insights on a new philosophy to meet business needs more easily
  • Visualize a strategy to more easily help learners learn when, where and how they need to learn
  • Pick your starting point in the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model comprised of five Actions for Learning and Development
  • Integrate the LCD model with tried-and-true ID models into the digital age instructional design
  • Get energized with quick wins and easy to apply visuals

This session addresses these ATD 2020 Capabilities:

  • Personal: Collaboration; Leadership; Project management
  • Organizational: Business Insight, Performance Improvement
  • Professional: Instructional Design,