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Learning leaders will improve their capability to develop learning cluster-centered technology platform strategy. Their business will benefit by improving diverse learning asset accessibility, driving learning culture, and closing on-the-job learning gaps.

On the job, we will see learning leaders:

  • Shifting accessibility of learning assets from L&D-centric platforms to learner-centric platforms
  • Housing learning clusters rather than listing courses and classes
  • Deciding upgrades within their existing learning management and learning technologies
  • Considering and building the business case for new technologies, if needed
  • Acknowledging the importance and feeling confident to make social and immediate learning accessible and visible, in addition to traditional formal learning
  • Letting go of controlling all assets and instead, facilitating user- and internal partner- learning creation as well

This immersive does not seek to answer technical questions about a particular technology, nor promote a particular solution. The focus is on developing a sense for the strategy and decision making criteria.