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Join us for this webinar at 12 pm, September 30, 2020!

L&D’s world continues to change, yet, based on recent surveys, L&D can’t seem to satisfy the C-Suite or our learners. Learn what has changed in our landscape, and how that impacts L&D. In this webinar, you will be introduced to a philosophy and a model that is helping L&D organizations remain relevant, and even critical, to the success of our businesses and its employees in this digital age.

Based on the book Designing for Modern Learning (ATD Press, 2020), Lisa MD Owens and Crystal Kadakia describe the OK-Learning Cluster Design model, and an overview of how the model helps L&D modernize with less stress and more results. They provide a deeper dive on two of the 5 Actions that make up the model. Case studies and stories make this session a favorite among ATD Chapters.