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Our profession is faced with an exciting challenge to embrace and navigate a new landscape. The book, “Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM” (ATD Press, 2020) is helping L&D meet these challenges in the digital age. In this interactive webinar, hear from authors Lisa MD Owens and Crystal Kadakia how to modernize your learning programs, as they describe the Learning Cluster Design model using images and stories. 

  • Speak the new language of modern L&D 
  • Gain insights on a new philosophy to more easily meet business needs 
  • Visualize a strategy to more easily help learners learn when, where and how they need to learn 
  • Pick your starting point in the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model comprised of five Actions for L&D 
  • Integrate the LCD model with tried-and-true ID models into the digital age instructional design 
  • Get energized with quick wins and easy to apply visuals