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One of the most powerful Actions in the LCD model is the Learn Action because it guides learning creators to develop learner personas that are strategic, not generic. However, in practice, it can be easy to fall back to old habits and end up with personas that are less diverse than intended.

Lori McDaniel, transformation coach, and Jen Hurley, independent consultant, are both experienced LCD users and past LCD practicum alumni. Both have applied LCD model in the DEI space and particularly, have found the model useful, IF done right. In this dialogue, learn from their experience as they help us:
>> Make sure we are using the Learn Action effectively
>> Get better at asking questions that lead to distinct personas
>> See an example of LCD applied to DEI challenges
Join our free Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue Events hosted the first Thursday of every month. During these community centered events we will discuss the L&D topics that are most important to you and also hear industry leaders on how they are applying the LCD Model!

Each dialogue opens with networking, followed by a brief 15 min share from a speaker. Then, we open for dialogue as a community.

These monthly dialogues are hosted by the LCD Group, founded by Crystal Kadakia. The LCD Group’s vision is to make learning clusters the norm and they do that through upskilling and consulting using the acclaimed Learning Cluster Design model. Learning clusters change on the job behavior because they are made up of meaningful learning assets tailored to diverse learner personas.

If you’re new to the model, you can learn more by watching the video below and exploring our youtube + website:

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeKBsY0J3i3K2hr7-RxK46g

Website: www.learningclusterdesign.com