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Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue


In our monthly dialogues, we’ve been hearing themes emerge of Learning Cluster Design application challenges you face – and the great ideas we all have for one another. During June’s Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue, we will dive into one big challenge that learning creators have in applying the model within their organizations: Marketing Learning Clusters [...]

Introduction to Learning Cluster Design

June 15th,  10 am – 5 pm EST/7 am – 2 pm PST


The Intro to LCD course is a six-hour course to upskill you on how to leverage the LCD model and how it can support various learning challenges.

What you will cover in the course:

  • Explore what it means to support Modern Learning and expose the gaps between what we deliver and what people do
  • Become fluent in the terminology of modern learning and the LCD model
  • Experience the approach each of the five Actions take to build a new L&D product, the Learning Cluster. 
  • Build a baseline capability in the LCD model through practice, using a case study

Housing Learning Clusters Immersive

June 21st, 12-5 pm EST


Learning leaders will improve their capability to develop learning cluster-centered technology platform strategy. Their business will benefit by improving diverse learning asset accessibility, driving learning culture, and closing on-the-job learning gaps. 

On the job, we will see learning leaders:

  • Shifting accessibility of learning assets from L&D-centric platforms to learner-centric platforms
  • Housing learning clusters rather than listing courses and classes
  • Deciding upgrades within their existing learning management and learning technologies
  • Considering and building the business case for new technologies, if needed
  • Acknowledging the importance and feeling confident to make social and immediate learning accessible and visible, in addition to traditional formal learning
  • Letting go of controlling all assets and instead, facilitating user- and internal partner- learning creation as well

This immersive does not seek to answer technical questions about a particular technology, nor promote a particular solution. The focus is on developing a sense for the strategy and decision making criteria.

Learning Cluster Design Public Practicum


In this novel 3-week modern learning experience, Learning Leaders and experienced Learning Creators will not only gain deep understanding of the LCD model, you’ll gain practical experience by building a learning cluster for a current work project.

Time Commitment: Blended learning – 2 days spread across three weeks, with 5 live sessions


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