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There’s no question – the L&D industry has been struggling to evolve for modern learning needs. We see it everywhere – in turnover numbers that link back to lack of learning opportunities, all the way to poor perception of L&D opportunities on engagement surveys. We analyzed the shifts that have taken place from the Industrial Age to what is emerging in the Digital age. What we found is that L&D’s traditional design models are based on outdated assumptions. Learning is no longer limited to one time, one place, and one target audience.  The Learning Cluster Design model, developed and proven over the past five years, is based on our new call for L&D: to shift our job towards providing a variety of learning assets across the flow of work for a specific desired behavior change back on the job, while acknowledging more than one target audience. This model is gaining exponential momentum in light of remote working environments and a need for greater inclusion. This session is based on our new book, “Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM”.

  • Understand the simple problems that have held L&D back from being effective in a digital age
  • Get an introduction to a rigorous way to design a ‘learning cluster’ of multiple assets across the flow of work
  • Learn how it’s about more than e-learning as you convert to remote learning experiences
  • Consider how targeting more than one generic audience empowers greater learning through diversity and inclusion
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