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Modernize Your L&D Approach: The Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model

We’re excited to announce that ATD has selected the LCD Model as one of their nine pre-conference workshops for the international conference! Come get a full day immersive in the approach.

L&D professionals say they’re tired of being seen as ‘old-school’ or order-takers—always overworked or tasked with adopting trendy tech. Is this you? Surprisingly, the barrier is our approach to learning design. There’s a new model for L&D success: the Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model.

Application on the job:

  • Apply a new model to create learning experiences that win over the organization.
  • Design a set of learning assets to engage modern learners where, when, and how they need to learn.
  • Track the impact of multiple learning assets by telling the story of L&D successes.

Track: Instructional Design

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