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Learning Cluster Design

Say you’ve been charged to close a capability gap and it’s got to be modern. You know that what’s modern is not just to send someone to training, but to give them a variety of personalized options in and out of the flow of their work.

Our consultants expertly apply the five Actions of the LCD model to design the learning cluster — that is, to determine which assets are needed to make an impact on the performance gap and meet the needs of learners. 

The days of randomly investing in and providing a mess of learning technologies to “feel” modern is over.

Have internal resources to take it from there? No problem. For this project, your work is done.

Consulting Partnerships
Owens Kadakia

Learning Asset Design

Do you already have some idea of the assets you would like but are not sure if that’s the right set? We can serve as your gut check, by running your choices through the LCD Model process and principles. 

Looking for detailed asset creation? For that, the below end-to-end modern learning project is for you.

End-to-End Modern Learning Project

Need help to not only design the learning cluster, but to design and implement the final assets? That’s where our end-to-end delivery makes sense.

We’re not the run of the mill outsourcing outfit for e-learning, videos, or any particular technology requests. That’s why we don’t jump into detailed asset creation unless we have been involved in designing the learning cluster. We can’t guarantee the performance of your learners without the upfront work!

In this solution, we will handle the project management, design of the learning cluster, design of the assets, and the handover to your L&D organization — everything with the exception of ongoing in-person facilitation (we have found in-house facilitation is better for learners in the long run!). 

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