Cluster Coaching Immersive

You’re in progress of building a Learning Cluster but you feel stuck or that it’s not good enough. Or you might have a handle on the LCD model and still want coaching to push your thinking. This Immersive takes your work-in-progress learning cluster to the next level, guided by our expert LCD consultant and facilitator team.

You’ve been using the Learning Cluster Design Model to surround learners with meaningful assets in and out of the flow of work but your clusters feel  more like “check-the-box” business as usual learning, rather than modern learning that has the potential for lasting change.

The initial concept of a learning cluster is easy to grasp. However, when we dive into the more complex learning problems, what seems easy can quickly become a bottleneck for designing strategic learning clusters. Getting out of our heads and hearing third-party feedback from an expert can make the breakthrough happen and get fast momentum towards the finish line.

The Outcomes

Your business will benefit from your participation by:

(1) Have a higher quality learning cluster that gets buy-in and enrollment

(2) Increase your efficiency to create modern learning clusters that are ready for launch and roll out

(3) Improve learning outcomes that positively impact the business – gain the results you targeted for your learning cluster

During this Coaching-Centered Course, You Will:

  • Share your in-progress learning cluster

  • Receive coaching in advance virtually on your cluster

  • Ask your questions on each Action live

  • Learn from other participants’ learning cluster challenges

This Course is for:

  • Self Taught LCD User – You’ve read the book and you’re already implementing the LCD model at work, but might not have invested in the practicum. You’re looking for something short and immersive to breakthrough road blocks, challenge your understanding, and push your learning cluster to be the best it can be. 
  • LCD Practicum Alumni – You might be pretty skilled at the LCD model but on occasion, want expert help, without investing in a full-blown consulting initiative. You might use this Immersive more than once, as an ongoing resource to supplement your efforts and get expert coaching to break through a road block on a project.  You may have attended the practicum in the past and think of this Immersive as the coaching part of the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The primary differences between the Practicum and the Immersives is the focus for building your capability. 

Think of it this way – the book, Designing for Modern Learning, is like reading about how to drive a car. The Intro to LCD Course is like learning how to drive a bumper car (remember those fun arcades?!). The LCD Practicum are like learning to drive your car. The Immersives are like learning to drive your car in your neighborhood.

Core of the CurriculumLength & FormatCostOutcomes
PracticumApply the model to an active or upcoming learning challenge for your organization with expert one on one coaching. 

Social Learning and deep study of pro tactics.

Virtual; 2 days of blended learning activity spread across 3-weeks; embedded in the flow of work     $1497   A Learning Cluster for a current work initiative.

Intermediate Level Capability in the Model.

Community built with other LCD users.

Intro to LCD Apply the model to a standard case-study. 

Overview of the Model

Virtual; 6-hr session with an hour of pre-work if you desire$997
Baseline capability in the model.

Practice applying the model.

ImmersivesVaries by topic Half-day  $697Advanced application knowledge and strategies to break through organizational and complex LCD Action barriers

While our book certainly says a lot in thousands of words, the content covered in Immersives are based on advanced application from our expert consulting experience and is not covered in the book.

That’s great! Make sure to let us know and we can consider offering a bulk discount.

We can help you. Just contact us and we can send you resources based on your specific needs and culture.

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