What Clues Do Millennials Hold for Modern Learning and Development?


Millennials: the word we are – dare I say it – sick of. Yet we still don’t understand how to deal with the changes that became urgent when this generation joined the workplace. I began speaking on this topic over five years ago when I saw HR leaders repeating generational stereotypes. In my work, I have given over 100 talks that have left attendees saying, “I will never use the words ‘lazy’ and ‘entitled’ again” – a big win. But there is much more to do. Once we move beyond bias, we can turn our attention to dealing with the real [...]

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When Learning Gets Modernized – What Does the Research Say Will Happen?


Today’s busy employees desire quick, convenient access to information so they can react immediately to constant change in the business world as well work on upskilling themselves when it fits into their schedule. Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens describe the modern learner as: “Someone who is in an environment where content changes fast and learning needs change even faster. Modern learners want answers right away and rely on a wide variety of sources to find the answer. In other words, almost everyone today is a modern learner!” (Are You a Modern Learner?) This reality brings consequences for those designing and [...]

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Are You Part of a Modern L&D Organization?


Being part of a modern learning and development (L&D) organization can be easier than you think. It does not mean you have to buy and learn to use all the latest high-tech apps, software, and e-whatever. Instead, it means looking at the role of L&D through a different lens. Most L&D organizations are caught up in the rat race of trying to deliver more and more training to help employees stay up-to-date with their job needs. For L&D people, the job is overwhelming! We get one training program deployed only to discover that it’s already out of date because of a [...]

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Are You A Modern Learner?


We design learning for an increasingly diverse environment, spanning regions, ages, generations, functions, and roles. But are you a modern learner? What does it mean to be a modern learner? Picture the last time you needed new information or to learn a new skill, personally or professionally. How did you discover the answer? Chances are, you used a search engine, read articles, or watched videos until you closed your knowledge gap. You may have also asked a friend, colleague, or social network for the answer. The content you found was probably rated by others as good content and may have even [...]

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Is Reading a Book a Modern Learning Method?


Should we discard all learning methods of the past to meet the demands of modern learning opportunities? Probably not. We certainly need to modernize learning to keep up with how, when, and where learners need it. However, although it may come as a surprise, digital and flashy isn’t what makes learning modern. But it’s best to trend toward the modern side of learning to keep today’s learners engaged.  We often hear contradictions such as, “Modern learners appreciate e-learning, but they also want old-fashioned classroom training.” So what makes a learning method modern?  In our ongoing research on this topic, we’ve found [...]

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