On STEM Professionals and Social Dynamic Capability

Today is a special day - I've written a new book and it's available now! Though not a 'train-the-trainer' book like Designing for Modern Learning, I thought you might be interested as someone who influences capability building for STEM professionals.Are you working in or with an organization that has STEM professionals? STEM professionals make up a high percentage of our organizations - whether they are scientists, statisticians, data analysts, researchers, programmers, doctors, finance, or many, many other roles. These professionals influence change through designing, developing, and launching innovations and engaging in the frontline every day. They support our systems and value creation processes. [...]

On STEM Professionals and Social Dynamic Capability2023-03-01T06:43:30-05:00

Building a Bridge Between L&D and OD

Have you ever wondered how L&D and Organization Development can work together effectively? Jess Almlie and I have been discussing that question for almost a year and presented an emerging framework "The L&OD Bridge" at ATD this year. We've now written a four-part blog series sharing the framework. We hope this work inspires more conversation and practice in bridging the two fields, capabilities, roles, and projects so we can collectively start making bigger business impact. In our second blog, we talk about steps 1 and 2 of the framework which explicitly names the importance of finding and using models that bridge both L&D [...]

Building a Bridge Between L&D and OD2023-02-28T01:51:22-05:00

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience

Hi, LCD Community - Wow, what an amazing week at #atd22! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with so many of you in person. For those of you who were unable to attend live, I missed you but hope to catch up with you live soon. Being immersed in the conference gave me a snapshot of how much evolution leaders are driving more broadly. The level of strategy, modern thinking, and progress that you are making in the L&D space is inspirational! I am so grateful that Learning Cluster Design Group is a part of your [...]

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience2023-03-01T02:20:20-05:00

Inside The 2-Week Practicum

Hi ​​Learning Cluster Design Community, Happy New Year! There's nothing like starting the new year with new inspiration as you get back into things. This January and February, we have several opportunities for you to learn about modern learning and Learning Cluster Design. Take a look below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Monthly Dialogues We kicked off our new year with our first monthly dialogue of the year with Edoardo Gironi. If you missed out, don't worry - the video will be available on our YouTube channel shortly (subscribe for updates) and summary will be shared [...]

Inside The 2-Week Practicum2023-03-02T00:12:13-05:00

Celebrating What’s in Store for 2022!

Hi Learning Cluster Design Community, It seems like just yesterday we were recapping what was an unprecedented year in 2020, and looking towards 2021. While this year also presented it’s challenges, our Learning Cluster Design community remained committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional L&D to create better, more efficient, people-focused learning experiences. This year, we celebrated one full year of delivering the Learning Cluster Design Two Week Practicum in a completely virtual format, and have now had over 600 graduates of the practicum since it launched live in 2015! We’ve had learning professionals (and quite a few non L&D folks) join [...]

Celebrating What’s in Store for 2022!2023-03-02T00:23:12-05:00

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl

I recently explored the topic of modern learning with one of our fellow modern learning partners, leader at Squigl/Truscribe, Derrell Connon. We had a great conversation that revolved around how learning is evolving. Derrell and I explored the idea that adopting an agile mindset has become very popular as of late, but in reality, this has been around for the last 20-25 years. As modern learning designers, we often question how we can move from such a heavily in person learning format to being primarily remote but we forget that we have nearly two decades of resource solutions to utilize.  Check [...]

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl2023-03-02T01:41:43-05:00

A Sneak Peek Inside the LCD 2-Week Practicum

Before the summer began, we celebrated our April virtual practicum graduates. These L&D professionals from all over the world started the virtual practicum with just a single topic, and in just two short weeks, walked out of the workshop with a completed learning cluster to implement back on the job! As we gear up for our October practicum, we wanted to take you behind the scenes and give you a glimpse into what you can expect inside this immersive, practical-application experience: sample course outline Early Access Before we even begin the live sessions, all participants are given access to our learning [...]

A Sneak Peek Inside the LCD 2-Week Practicum2023-03-02T02:53:14-05:00

Special Report: ATD ICE 2021 Recap and Modern Learning Takeaways

Happy September! Lisa and I are back from the Association for Talent Development International Conference and Expo, and are excited to share a recap of what it looked like to take Learning Cluster Design on the road, and in-person again. We were excited to have been given the opportunity to present in several different capacities and modalities, from a pre-conference workshop, to a TedX like talk, to education sessions, to live coaching and demo session on the EXPO floor - some of which were broadcasted internationally for virtual conference attendees across the globe. Each session was unique, not only in terms [...]

Special Report: ATD ICE 2021 Recap and Modern Learning Takeaways2023-03-02T03:09:12-05:00

ATD ICE Conference – Will You Be There?

We are so thrilled to have an in-person opportunity to connect and grow in modern learning together! Lisa and I are hosting multiple sessions and events at ATD's International Conference and Exposition in less than 5 weeks. Here's a few to-dos to make your ATD experience awesome and grow your modern learning community at the same time. 1 - Tell Us If You Will Be Joining Virtually or Live we want to know so we can make sure to connect during this hybrid event! Mark your calendar: We will be hosting a casual happy hour for alumni and champions, new and old, Sunday [...]

ATD ICE Conference – Will You Be There?2023-03-02T05:15:26-05:00

Social Learning Whitepaper

Providing a link here for attendees of the ATD ICE 2021 conference! LCD Group Whitepaper - Building a Social Learning Community

Social Learning Whitepaper2023-03-02T05:17:17-05:00
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