Compliance LCD Case Study


Here’s a REAL EXAMPLE of a Learning Cluster and L&D professional developed in our workshop. ASK: The business asked the LCD workshop participant to develop and update their annual harassment training to remain compliant with standard HR & Legal Policies. TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS: e-Learning module, videos with knowledge check, or live-class. LCD APPROACH: The workshop participant had a huge aha moment by refocusing the Goal on Performance and Strategic Impact - It’s not about compliance for compliance sake! The Change Action shifted the goals from just liability to something that employees might care about as well. Take a look at the difference: “By helping [...]

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Onboarding LCD Case Study


Here's a REAL EXAMPLE of a Learning Cluster and L&D professional developed in our workshop. ASK: We need new hire onboarding. TRADITIONAL APPROACH: 1 week long live class or blended learning to orient to company, orient to people, orient to technical skills, etc. LCD APPROACH: First, we get clear on the most critical differences we want to see on the job from the employee, with clear ROI for the business. The L&D professional attending our workshop crafted a detailed goal for the Learning Cluster during the Change Action. “By improving the onboarding process for new members of the Delivery Services organization, the business [...]

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Putting Learner Personas to Work: A Case Study


In our previous post, we explored the idea of using learner personas. L&D practitioners need to learn how to identify key subgroups within the larger target audience then collect or create the right array of learning assets to meet the learning needs. What’s more, they must go beyond segmenting learner groups by the traditional criteria of age, experience, education, language, job role, and so forth. Here’s a sample description of three personas used for developing manager training: Chris, the new manager, is under 35 years old, loves to text and chat online, is highly motivated to be good at this new job, [...]

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