Getting Buy-in to Chunk Mandatory Live Content


Hi LCD Community - Have you been faced with wanting to chunk a mandatory live training, but received pushback from your organization due to a preexisting roadmap? This week, we’re answering that very question that came to us from a Senior Learning Advisor who joined a past Public Practicum. “I'm currently working on breaking down in smaller chunks some e-learning elements, but today some trainers in a train the trainer virtual class asked me: how is it possible to chunk up the content of a (mandatory) live virtual classroom when the organization must respect a rigid roadmap for the training delivery?” The first step [...]

Getting Buy-in to Chunk Mandatory Live Content2022-06-27T16:26:23-04:00

How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives


It’s difficult to deliver a new learning product that no one expects. How do you manage the change of moving to modern learning? During ATD in May and throughout our Modern Learning Monthly Dialogues, we continue to hear the challenges you are facing in shifting your organization to modern learning. We didn't realize we were opening Pandora's Box. Throughout our many conversations, there have been a number of themes that have emerged: How are we in L&D perceived in the organization? How do we drive awareness of learning assets? How do we cut through the noise of all the other communication? [...]

How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives2022-06-06T10:50:39-04:00

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience


Hi, LCD Community - Wow, what an amazing week at #atd22! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with so many of you in person. For those of you who were unable to attend live, I missed you but hope to catch up with you live soon. Being immersed in the conference gave me a snapshot of how much evolution leaders are driving more broadly. The level of strategy, modern thinking, and progress that you are making in the L&D space is inspirational! I am so grateful that Learning Cluster Design Group is a part of your [...]

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience2022-05-25T09:59:54-04:00

Six Big Trends in Talent Development & How LCD Can Support You


Recently, we partnered with Learn In and HCI to talk about the 6 Big Trends in Talent Development. During the session, Jen Collins, Learning Consultant and Brand Director for LCD Group chatted with Michelle Vock Laboy, VP of Customer Success at Learn In to discuss what’s needed for employees to help them thrive and be excited to learn while ensuring that the learning is beneficial for the business. If you'd like to view the session, you can access the recording here. We started the discussion with thoughts from attendees about how they define a modern workforce. Here’s what [...]

Six Big Trends in Talent Development & How LCD Can Support You2022-05-02T14:50:03-04:00

New Learning Assets to Support You!


Learning Assets for  Your Modern Learning Journey Thank you for being a part of the conversation around what the modern learner needs and how learning design professionals can best support learners. No longer is the day of one-and-done or one-size-fits all going to be effective in any learning environment. Learning creation needs to be different, tailored to the learners. This difference in approach also means incorporating a variety of means for delivering those learning assets. We recognize the importance of delivering learning solutions and assets across multiple times, ways, and places. If we’re not able to offer learners a variety of [...]

New Learning Assets to Support You!2022-04-14T07:01:34-04:00

The Power of the Strategic Performance Objective


Ask an LCD Consultant The Power of the Strategic Performance Objective In one of our past LCD Practicums, we had a great dialogue around the elements of the Strategic Performance Objective (SPO), which is a key deliverable of the Change On-the-Job Behavior Action of the LCD model. The question emerged, "How do I make sure I'm making the most use of the SPO?" In traditional L&D, we have typically defined our goals and our own success within the limitations of what can be accomplished in the classroom or by the end of a course. Why? Because not only is this what [...]

The Power of the Strategic Performance Objective2022-04-14T06:44:21-04:00

Are you surrounding your learners with learning assets yet?


As I look back on the last two years, I'm proud of all the work we've accomplished in spreading the LCD model. But I still see a lot of room to grow! So many of you want to learning to have lasting impact and appreciate the idea of surrounding learners with learning assets, in a time, place, and way that works for their needs. So many of you share our desire to break out of the one and done learning design paradigm. If you haven't yet built your capability to make this dream a reality, is now the time for you? Starting [...]

Are you surrounding your learners with learning assets yet?2022-04-14T06:39:15-04:00

Event Reminder: Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue on 4/7!


Next Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue Challenges that Learning Creators Have in Applying the Model April 7th at Noon ED In our monthly dialogues, we’ve been hearing themes emerge of Learning Cluster Design application challenges you face – and the great ideas we all have for one another. During the 4/7 Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue, we will dive into two big challenges that learning creators have in applying the model within their organizations. As a community, we will discuss: Solutions on where to house and organize your Learning Clusters Solutions to drive awareness and application of your Learning Cluster. WHAT TO EXPECT DURING [...]

Event Reminder: Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue on 4/7!2022-04-14T06:39:25-04:00

Join Our Upcoming LCD Learning Events


  6 Big Trends in Accelerating Skilled Talent Are you interested in discussing some of the trends accelerating Talent Development and the Actions you can put in place today to support your modern workforce? On March 31st, Learning Cluster Design Consultant, Jen Collins, and Michelle Vock Laboy from Learn In, will be hosting a Human Capital Institute (HCI) webinar to answer just that. They will discuss: ☑️ 6 compelling trends in talent development ☑️ 5 strategies to apply today to accelerate talent development ☑️ How you can align employee development demands with company strategic needs ☑️ Discover how more of your employees can gain access to [...]

Join Our Upcoming LCD Learning Events2022-04-14T06:12:34-04:00

Why Aren’t My Social Learning Channels Working?


Diagnosing Social Learning Engagement Issues Today’s question came from our January 2022 2-Week Learning Cluster Design Public Practicum, where Kristen, an Instructional Designer, asked the following question: “I can design social assets; however, what I'm seeing across projects and solutions is they aren't engaging in social channels. For example, we'll ask them to give a thumbs up if they found a podcast beneficial or we'll ask a specific question and ask them to post an answer and we don't get a single response. How should we handle this part of Surround if we're finding they hesitate to engage socially?” First, let’s [...]

Why Aren’t My Social Learning Channels Working?2022-04-14T05:58:59-04:00

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