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Examples of Learning Cluster Work in Action

Who Do We Work With?

The LCD Model is an industry-agnostic model. We have worked with clients spanning industries like pharmaceuticals, government, financial services, technology, consumer products, non profits, and more.

The LCD Model is not just for training professionals either. Is your goal to help others learn something?

Upskilling or Consulting with us helps:

Training Professionals — Customer Education Professionals — Change Managers — Executives & Leaders — Educators — External Consultants — Education-Oriented Companies — Professional Associations

and more.

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Learning Cluster Examples

These examples are actual work produced by participants of our 2-week practicum as well as those who have implemented Learning Clusters on their own.

Sales Professional Skills: Storytelling Learning Cluster

Sales Competency Strategy with Low Resourcing Through Learning Clusters

Equity Skills for Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector

Customer Education for a Team Collaboration Software Company

Click for a pdf sharing the story of ATD BEST Award winner, Loc Nguyen, L&D Leader who used the LCD Model as his L&D organizational strategy to build an internal L&D and external Customer Education strategy from scratch.

Call Center Skills: Member Engagement in the Banking Sector

Coaching Skills for Leaders through a Learning Cluster

Practicum Case Studies

What is it like learning the model?

Stories from our Practicum participants and other Learning Asset users

Jen Collins, Former Sales Professional, Now Director of L&D for a Sales Org

Karen Bryan-Chambers, Senior Director for a Non-Profit Serving Educators

A Private Team Practicum montage for a Silicon Valley Tech Company

Lori McDaniel, IT Trainer & DEI Consultant in the Sustainable Energy Industry

Ray Kung, L&D Leader, Atlassian invested in a Private Practicum for his full team

John Quinn, L&D Manager for a Technology company

Consulting Case Studies

What are some of the projects we’ve worked on with clients? Here’s just a snapshot of some of the stories and pdfs of outputs.

Pharmaceutical Case Study: From “Read and Acknowledge” SOP Training to Learning Clusters That Change On-the-Job Behavior

Silicon Valley Case Study: Balancing Autonomy with Standard Ways of Working Through Learning Cluster Strategy

Consumer Goods Case Study: Embedding Corporate Values Through a Learning Cluster


A Learning Cluster for developing Aspiring Managers improves manager engagement scores, coaching capability scores, and promotions. Click here for pdf.

78 Targeted Training Topics were approached throuhg a LCD strategy, building a norm of continuous learning culutre. Click here for pdf.

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The LCD Model combined with Design Thinking for a world-class Net Promoter Score for an Onboarding Initiative. Click here for pdf.

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