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For readers of the book Designing for Modern Learning, this page houses the tools that guide each Action.

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Change On-The-Job Behavior

Objective of This Tool: Create the strategic performance objective (SPO) to articulate the on-the-job-change goals for the learning cluster using a reverse-engineering process, starting with the business results you expect to improve.

Learn Learner-to-Learner Differences

Objective of This Tool: Dig deep into understanding the learning-need differences among your target learner group.

Upgrade Existing Assets

Objective of This Tool: Modernize existing learning assets and/or create new ones by strategically adding ways to include the nine elements in your asset.

Surround Learners with Meaningful Assets

Objective of This Tool: Providing multiple Learning Assets across all three Learning Touchpoints in a deliberate, thoughtful way.

Track Transformation of Everyone’s Results

Objective of This Tool: Measure your learning cluster’s overall effect on changing learners’ on-the-job behavior, and positive changes on select KPIs.

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