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What is the LCD Model and What Impact Does it Have?

One of the first times I remember designing learning was in high school. I had dry erase walls for my closet doors and every couple of days, I taught myself and three other friends physics. After reading the textbook and hearing the teacher, I would take a go at the homework. And then, I would share where I’m at with my friends and we’d work through it together. I was learning by not only doing but teaching my thought process at the same time. Even before digital technology, people have been learning in a variety of ways. Digital technology has just [...]

What is the LCD Model and What Impact Does it Have?2023-02-28T01:59:05-05:00

Don’t Wait: Track Today and Break Through Your Demotivators

Recently, I’ve been talking with people about their Learning & Development measurement strategy. Two things regularly come up that reduce the motivation to do measurement well: The reliance on a strong relationship with the C-Suite An environment with too many numbers. A Strong C-Suite Relationship The first demotivator starts with this belief:  “I don’t need to prove efficiency, effectiveness or outcomes, because I have a close relationship with the C-Suite and they trust me.” That works -- until it doesn’t.  What happens when a new leader emerges, or a financial crisis occurs? Then, when asked for numbers, it typically takes 2 [...]

Don’t Wait: Track Today and Break Through Your Demotivators2023-02-28T03:16:26-05:00

Agile and the LCD Model

As we say often, the Learning Cluster Design model is “built on the shoulders of giants.” Our goal in creating the LCD model was not to replace existing L&D models and philosophies, but rather elevate them in a more modern context. Where learning practitioners were once beholden to one way of designing learning, the LCD model offers an integrative framework that capitalizes on the strengths of existing L&D models towards a new goal, unique to LCD - building learning clusters made up of learning assets. Agile is one philosophy that LCD model works with well and can even make more powerful. [...]

Agile and the LCD Model2023-02-28T05:59:38-05:00

Dialogue Reminder: Aug with AICPA, a case study on External Learners, ESG, and LCD

How does LCD apply to external learners, ESG challenges, and more? Find out at our next Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue! Alert: New Registration Process! Do you have Zoom links from previous dialogues? Or have you registered for the August dialogue already via Zoom? Please re-register by accepting the LinkedIn Event Invite. You will then directly receive a calendar invite to your inbox with the Zoom details. For those of you who have already accepted the LinkedIn Invite, no further action is required. Register Speakers: Michael Grant, Jennifer Hackim, and Lizza Igoe from the Association of International CPAs Date: Aug 4th, Noon-1 [...]

Dialogue Reminder: Aug with AICPA, a case study on External Learners, ESG, and LCD2023-02-28T06:04:57-05:00

Dialogue Replay: Lavinia Mehedintu and the Evolution of Curation

At our July Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue, we had the pleasure of hosting Lavinia Mehedintu, founder of the L&D magazine Offbeat.Works, to engage us in a discussion on Curation. Curation is a topic that initially sounds simple - what came to mind for me are the frequent “listicles” we often see - but the more you dig into it, the more you find a complex topic for learning creators. Just like LCD's idea of designing and delivering multiple learning assets, or learning clusters, what sounds simple isn’t as easy in practice and comes with a lot of nuances. Lavinia is the queen of modern curation [...]

Dialogue Replay: Lavinia Mehedintu and the Evolution of Curation2023-02-28T06:24:39-05:00

Owning your Modern Learning Career

Inspiring. Encouraging. Insightful. These are just some of the words that come to mind as I reflect back on my conversation with Andy Storch from this year’s ATD International Conference & Exposition in Orlando. Author of the book Own Your Career, Own Your Life and Founder of the Talent Development Think Tank, Andy is on a mission to help others find happiness and fulfillment in their own careers, gleaning from the lessons he learned personally while finding this out for himself. This is important because I work with leaders and individuals all the time, all over the world who are trying [...]

Owning your Modern Learning Career2023-02-28T06:28:19-05:00

Getting Buy-in to Chunk Mandatory Live Content

Hi LCD Community - Have you been faced with wanting to chunk a mandatory live training, but received pushback from your organization due to a preexisting roadmap? This week, we’re answering that very question that came to us from a Senior Learning Advisor who joined a past Public Practicum. “I'm currently working on breaking down in smaller chunks some e-learning elements, but today some trainers in a train the trainer virtual class asked me: how is it possible to chunk up the content of a (mandatory) live virtual classroom when the organization must respect a rigid roadmap for the training delivery?” The first step [...]

Getting Buy-in to Chunk Mandatory Live Content2023-02-28T06:48:15-05:00

Activating 70+ Learning Clusters in <12 Months

Hi LCD Community - Have you ever conducted a L&D audit to narrow down the training priorities for the upcoming year, only to discover that there were are almost 80 training topics that need support? That is just what happened with Gorilla Glue Company®. But with the help of the Learning Cluster Design model and Lisa's coaching, the L&D team was able to look at the training topics both individually and across the whole, designing infrastructure and individual learning clusters. The Gorilla Glue Company®, a family-owned, U.S. based company based in Cincinnati, Ohio has been selling Gorilla Glue® for over two [...]

Activating 70+ Learning Clusters in <12 Months2023-02-28T06:51:47-05:00

Moving L&D To Strategic Partner Status

Hi LCD Community - Are you stuck on a hamster wheel of L&D requests - running continuously without a moment to stop and work strategically? The answer is to tap into concepts and expertise that already exists within organizational development (OD), without abandoning your learning and development roots. Over the past few months, I have been collaborating on a framework with Jess Almlie to build a figurative bridge between the professions. 1 | The Foundation: When L&D and OD investigate and agree on a common core purpose for an initiative, we can then ground our work in a common anchor and goal. 2 | Bridge Floor: The [...]

Moving L&D To Strategic Partner Status2023-03-01T01:50:18-05:00

How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives

It’s difficult to deliver a new learning product that no one expects. How do you manage the change of moving to modern learning? During ATD in May and throughout our Modern Learning Monthly Dialogues, we continue to hear the challenges you are facing in shifting your organization to modern learning. We didn't realize we were opening Pandora's Box. Throughout our many conversations, there have been a number of themes that have emerged: How are we in L&D perceived in the organization? How do we drive awareness of learning assets? How do we cut through the noise of all the other communication? [...]

How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives2023-03-01T02:04:58-05:00
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