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Move Beyond Measuring Training Participation

When we look at how L&D professionals report learning “success,” it’s typically defined by learner usage and participation. But is there a direct connection between participation in a learning asset and learning success? Can we assume that by showing up, learning has happened and will be applied in the moments where it counts? We often judge success as having high completion rates, increased attendance and a substantial number of classroom instruction hours. While some take it a step further and define success by learner class ratings and average post-course test scores, senior leaders are often left to wonder what, if any, [...]

Move Beyond Measuring Training Participation2023-03-02T06:49:43-05:00

Making Strategic Choices When Designing Learning

When implementing any model, old or new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to follow every step in the process to a T. The best models work with your ability to navigate your situation, needs, and context. We are often asked if each action of the OK-LCD model needs adoption in order to create a modern learning experience. Watch below as co-creator of the LCD Model, Lisa M.D. Owens answers that question and provides insights as to how to most efficiently use the model in a way that works best for you and your organization including: Using the Upgrade Action [...]

Making Strategic Choices When Designing Learning2023-03-02T06:53:08-05:00

How can we NOT start from scratch and modernize training we already have?

Would you agree that the most common approach to modernizing L&D is to throw out what you have and start from scratch? This is one of the most common problems we share in our book. Each time a new model, theory or approach comes out, we in L&D often immediately write off our old programs as outdated and send them packing to the vault. Even worse, many of those old programs are kept available on the shelves of our intranets and learning management systems, creating a confusing and meaningless experience for our learners. With so many options out there to modernize learning, many L&D [...]

How can we NOT start from scratch and modernize training we already have?2023-03-02T06:55:10-05:00

Are You Surrounding Learners with Meaningful Assets?

For decades, the L&D industry has operated under the same guiding principle – when you have the learner’s attention, give them all the training content you can because you never know when you’ll see them next. It could be one, two, three months or even a year until we get 8 hours of their “undivided” attention again, so we lay all of our content cards on the table, yet feel disappointed when there is no change in performance back on-the-job. Learners say in their post-course surveys that they enjoyed the course, yet when looking at metrics and analytics of change back [...]

Are You Surrounding Learners with Meaningful Assets?2023-03-02T06:57:37-05:00

Action of the Week: Change On-the-Job Behavior

In an ever-changing world that gives us information at our fingertips and with anything more than a two-day delivery window seeming like a lifetime, the “need it yesterday” mentality is not slowing down. As L&D professionals, we face this every day from stakeholders and senior leaders who, rather than seeking out their internal training departments with a problem, come to the table with their own idea of a training strategy and solution – and look to us to implement, and implement fast. Even worse in some cases, business leaders seek out other departments to deliver training, pushing L&D further into the [...]

Action of the Week: Change On-the-Job Behavior2023-03-02T06:59:30-05:00

Compliance LCD Case Study

Here’s a REAL EXAMPLE of a Learning Cluster and L&D professional developed in our workshop. ASK: The business asked the LCD workshop participant to develop and update their annual harassment training to remain compliant with standard HR & Legal Policies. TRADITIONAL SOLUTIONS: e-Learning module, videos with knowledge check, or live-class. LCD APPROACH: The workshop participant had a huge aha moment by refocusing the Goal on Performance and Strategic Impact - It’s not about compliance for compliance sake! The Change Action shifted the goals from just liability to something that employees might care about as well. Take a look at the difference: “By helping [...]

Compliance LCD Case Study2023-03-02T07:01:35-05:00

Onboarding LCD Case Study

Here's a REAL EXAMPLE of a Learning Cluster and L&D professional developed in our workshop. ASK: We need new hire onboarding. TRADITIONAL APPROACH: 1 week long live class or blended learning to orient to company, orient to people, orient to technical skills, etc. LCD APPROACH: First, we get clear on the most critical differences we want to see on the job from the employee, with clear ROI for the business. The L&D professional attending our workshop crafted a detailed goal for the Learning Cluster during the Change Action. “By improving the onboarding process for new members of the Delivery Services organization, the business [...]

Onboarding LCD Case Study2023-03-02T07:03:42-05:00

ATD Article: Still Just Designing Training? Start Designing Learning Clusters

We all do it. We cram as much content into a training course as we can. Why? Because once we get an employee’s attention, we have to take advantage of that time; otherwise, we may not see these learners again for some time to come. But what if we could do it differently? What if, instead of providing learning assets that employees use only once every few months (see How the Workforce Learns from Degreed), L&D provided learning assets that learners were more likely to use every week or every day? To be more supportive and involved in employees’ work lives, try providing [...]

ATD Article: Still Just Designing Training? Start Designing Learning Clusters2023-03-02T23:48:02-05:00

Author Q&A: Designing for Modern Learning

The following is a Q&A with Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens, the authors of Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM, the latest book from ATD Press about how L&D professionals can better design for the modern learner. 1. What does “Designing for Modern Learning” mean? Is there a definition for modern learning or for the modern learner? Crystal:When people hear the term modern learner, almost everyone thinks or describes someone from the millennial generation. Yet the definition of modern learner is much broader and more inclusive. We define a modern learner as someone who needs to learn fast in an ever-changing environment, [...]

Author Q&A: Designing for Modern Learning2023-03-01T05:12:10-05:00

New Model Helps L&D Professionals Meet the Needs of Modern Learners

In Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM (ATD Press, June 2020), L&D experts Crystal Kadakia and Lisa M.D. Owens introduce the Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design (OK-LCD) model to address the question of how L&D professionals can better design for modern learning. In a world where learning is needed every day, the role of L&D is more important than ever, but the toolkit used by L&D professionals is outdated and incomplete. The expectations and realities of today’s learning environment are far more complex than traditional instructional design models were intended for. The holistic answer to learning in the modern workplace [...]

New Model Helps L&D Professionals Meet the Needs of Modern Learners2023-03-02T23:52:24-05:00
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