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Sept 7th Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Jeff Lowndes, L&D Leader At Snapchat


At this week's dialogue, we will have Jeff Lowndes, Learning Leader at Snapchat, share his thoughts on learning in the flow of work, gaps in the industry, and the future of learning. We've got 78 folks already interested in attending and would love to have you join as well! This is a dialogue, not a presentation - it's a more intimate, engaging hour than you might expect! Each dialogue opens with networking, followed by a brief 15 min share from a speaker. The speaker will share their experience and perspectives on modern learning broadly or a particular aspect of the Learning Cluster Design model. [...]

Sept 7th Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Jeff Lowndes, L&D Leader At Snapchat2021-09-07T10:46:12-04:00

How Can We Use the LCD Model to Design Onboarding?


Lisa and I have made it to the ATD International Conference in Salt Lake City to kick off a weekend and week of learning! We are excited for our full day workshop tomorrow, education sessions and happy hour on Sunday, and book signings and demo session on Monday. Speaking of demos, we all want to see the LCD model in action. As we head into the tail end of the year (can you believe it?), many of us have either already onboarded a new group of employees or are ramping up for our organizational initiatives for 2022. With many organizations staying remote, or [...]

How Can We Use the LCD Model to Design Onboarding?2021-09-07T10:43:28-04:00

Why Is Designing for Modern Learners So Hard?


Designing for modern learners is not as straightforward as we would expect. Modern learners have broad expectations - they all want something different. Some want a class, some want something digital, and with their varied contexts, it can be challenging to design for the “modern learner.” So, how do we design with the modern learner in mind? In the video below, Learning Cluster Design model co-creator, Lisa M.D. Owens explains how to create learning experiences that meet the modern learner when, where and how they need and want to learn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEYftUGLRyA Some key takeaways from Lisa include: Employees in the [...]

Why Is Designing for Modern Learners So Hard?2021-09-07T10:40:11-04:00

How to Design a Social Learning Community


In the book, Designing for Modern Learning, Lisa M.D Owens and I identify three “learning touchpoints” that outline key places, times, and ways that learning occurs. One of these touchpoints, Social Learning, looks beyond formal, planned approaches and provides learners with a level of interaction with other people. In most face-to-face learning experiences, whether we design for it or not, social learning happens inherently. Once the face-to-face experience ends, most learning professionals check off the proverbial “social learning” box, but modern learning doesn’t stop at the end of an event. In fact, social learning should be occurring before, during, and after a [...]

How to Design a Social Learning Community2021-09-07T10:36:11-04:00

August 5th Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue: Andrew Tiffany


This month we have resident of Taipei and Teacher Trainer for National Geographic Learning, Andrew Tiffany, share about the learning clusters he is creating and influencing. While he is a huge LCD model advocate, he is currently NOT in an official internal L&D role. He will walk through a recent project he did for his sales team, where they each built a "learning cluster" for their customer education plan. This is a great one to hear how LCD is making an impact anywhere learning is a part of the job and organization. These monthly dialogues are hosted by the LCD Group, [...]

August 5th Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue: Andrew Tiffany2021-08-04T21:49:28-04:00

ATD ICE Conference – Will You Be There?


We are so thrilled to have an in-person opportunity to connect and grow in modern learning together! Lisa and I are hosting multiple sessions and events at ATD's International Conference and Exposition in less than 5 weeks. Here's a few to-dos to make your ATD experience awesome and grow your modern learning community at the same time. 1 - Tell Us If You Will Be Joining Virtually or Live we want to know so we can make sure to connect during this hybrid event! Mark your calendar: We will be hosting a casual happy hour for alumni and champions, new and old, Sunday [...]

ATD ICE Conference – Will You Be There?2021-07-27T11:40:29-04:00

Social Learning Whitepaper


Providing a link here for attendees of the ATD ICE 2021 conference! LCD Group Whitepaper - Building a Social Learning Community

Social Learning Whitepaper2021-07-26T19:07:08-04:00

How to Track Non-Formal Learning


As our workforce has changed over the last decade (and especially in the last year), modern L&D professionals have begun abandoning the one-and-done training model and have instead moved on to blended learning, learning journeys, and what we call, learning clusters. Even with these new, modern approaches to learning, many L&D professionals hold on tightly to creating and developing learning assets they deem most trackable, typically formal, and shy away from an important part of the modern learning journey - non-formal learning. Non-formal learning is different from informal learning. Whereas informal learning tends to happen as learners engage in activities done [...]

How to Track Non-Formal Learning2021-08-04T23:46:16-04:00

Modern L&D Spotlight on Karen Bryan-Chambers, Senior Director, New Leaders


This month, we are excited to showcase Karen Bryan-Chambers as our Modern Learner Spotlight! Karen is the senior director of the nonprofit Leadership Academy at New Leaders. She has more than 26 years of professional experience, including 16 years as a teacher, five years as a principal, and five years in leadership development. Karen started off her modern learning journey by reading Designing for Modern Learning, and quickly enrolled in one of our public workshops to further her knowledge. Karen is a regular attendee of our Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue and we were lucky enough to have her speak to our community [...]

Modern L&D Spotlight on Karen Bryan-Chambers, Senior Director, New Leaders2021-08-04T21:42:18-04:00

LCD and the Neuroscience of Learning (AGES)


The future of L&D in a digital age is about unleashing human potential rather than reinforcing quality, routine work. Rather than focusing on telling L&D “what” to create for a digital age, the philosophy behind the Learning Cluster Design model focuses on building capability around the thought process - the “how” and “why” - moving L&D beyond its traditional limitations and into a position to allow modern learners to choose how, when and where they want and need to learn.  This new way of thinking requires L&D professionals to focus first on learner needs. Our context as training designers and deliverers [...]

LCD and the Neuroscience of Learning (AGES)2021-08-04T23:52:49-04:00

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