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How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives


It’s difficult to deliver a new learning product that no one expects. How do you manage the change of moving to modern learning? During ATD in May and throughout our Modern Learning Monthly Dialogues, we continue to hear the challenges you are facing in shifting your organization to modern learning. We didn't realize we were opening Pandora's Box. Throughout our many conversations, there have been a number of themes that have emerged: How are we in L&D perceived in the organization? How do we drive awareness of learning assets? How do we cut through the noise of all the other communication? [...]

How to Market Your Modern Learning Initiatives2022-06-06T10:50:39-04:00

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience


Hi, LCD Community - Wow, what an amazing week at #atd22! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with so many of you in person. For those of you who were unable to attend live, I missed you but hope to catch up with you live soon. Being immersed in the conference gave me a snapshot of how much evolution leaders are driving more broadly. The level of strategy, modern thinking, and progress that you are making in the L&D space is inspirational! I am so grateful that Learning Cluster Design Group is a part of your [...]

LCD at ATD22 – Driving Change and Modernizing the Experience2022-05-25T09:59:54-04:00

Converting to Modern Learning? It’s More than E-Learning.


When you think of “converting to modern learning,” what comes to mind for you? Is it abandoning one-and-done training events for a strictly online/eLearning experience? If that was your thought, you’re not alone. Most L&D organizations, as they started facing the pandemic in 2020, scrambled to turn every face to face training program into an e-learning. But that isn’t modern. Nor is it sufficient to make a business-impacting difference in talent’s capability.Traditionally, L&D has overwhelmingly focused on new moments of learning need, and that has typically manifested itself in the sole development of one-and-done formal learning events. Every topic is big enough [...]

Converting to Modern Learning? It’s More than E-Learning.2022-05-07T14:26:36-04:00

Six Big Trends in Talent Development & How LCD Can Support You


Recently, we partnered with Learn In and HCI to talk about the 6 Big Trends in Talent Development. During the session, Jen Collins, Learning Consultant and Brand Director for LCD Group chatted with Michelle Vock Laboy, VP of Customer Success at Learn In to discuss what’s needed for employees to help them thrive and be excited to learn while ensuring that the learning is beneficial for the business. If you'd like to view the session, you can access the recording here. We started the discussion with thoughts from attendees about how they define a modern workforce. Here’s what [...]

Six Big Trends in Talent Development & How LCD Can Support You2022-05-02T14:50:03-04:00

Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and LCD CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Modern Learning Questions


How to Solve L&D Problems for the Modern Learner Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and Learning Cluster Design’s CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Training Questions    Wisetail sat down with our fearless leader, Ali Knapp and Crystal Kadakia, founder of Learning Cluster Design to discuss trends we are seeing in the learning and development industry as learners evolve. What are the 2-3 fundamental issues you notice with traditional LMS and how do we address these?  Sometimes we can see that traditional learning platforms are stagnant, a little bit dated, and they definitely facilitate more of a top-down approach. We are trying [...]

Wisetail’s President, Ali Knapp and LCD CEO, Crystal Kadakia Answers the Top Modern Learning Questions2021-11-11T13:29:50-05:00

Partnering with the IRC on an Employment Transition Learning Cluster


I’m sure many of you are aware of the situation evolving over the past month regarding the evacuation and resettlement of Afghan people. Personally, it has been uplifting and relieving to see Americans express a relative unity of understanding, empathy, and support for these individuals, who have experienced so much. I’m sure many of you, like myself, have been wondering what you can do to help. I'm excited to share with you all that Danielle Goldsmith (LCD consultant and facilitator) and I have taken on a new project to support the International Rescue Committee through putting together a mini-Learning Cluster focused on [...]

Partnering with the IRC on an Employment Transition Learning Cluster2021-11-04T14:39:45-04:00

Nov 4th Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Jen Zach, Executive Coach


It is already November and we are excited to keep exploring topics that are most important to all of you. At this week's dialogue, we will have Jennifer Zach, executive coach, share her experience using the Learning Cluster Design Model and how it has benefited her business. We've got lots of folks already interested in attending and would love to have you join as well! Come with your stories applying LCD, questions, and curiosities! If you're new to the model, you can learn more by watching the video below and exploring our youtube channel + website: Youtube channel: See the Getting Started and Learning Cluster [...]

Nov 4th Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Jen Zach, Executive Coach2021-11-04T11:44:26-04:00

Measuring DEI Initiatives


In the wake of the race-related global events in 2020, we saw, and continue to see, a rise in DEI roles within organizations. In fact, at the time of writing this, LinkedIn jobs has over 14,000 DEI and DEI-related roles advertised across the United States, and almost 90,000 globally. With the increased interest in and importance of this meaningful work, many L&D professionals have found themselves heavily involved in the development, design and implementation of DEI programming. I recently contributed to the ATD article “Stumped on how to measure DEI Training?” by Wendy Kirkpatrick and Dr. James D. Kirkpatrick, which addressed [...]

Measuring DEI Initiatives2021-11-04T11:52:18-04:00

Jeff Lowndes: Modern Learning Leader of the Month


At September’s modern learning monthly dialogue, we had the wonderful opportunity to hear from Jeff Lowndes, L&D Leader at Snap, Inc. In our conversation Jeff shared about relational scaffolding, a system that focuses on connectedness over content in the onboarding process. While content surely has its place, he posed the question, "Can we intentionally architect how new hires build relational scaffolding in the business?" After gaining feedback from new hires about the 10-week onboarding road map that was designed for Snap, Inc., Jeff found that what they expressed benefiting from the most was the relationships they had formed with co-workers. Equally, [...]

Jeff Lowndes: Modern Learning Leader of the Month2021-11-04T11:47:20-04:00

Using The LCD Model to Gain Time Back


One of the most common challenges organizations face around traditional learning and development is that is feels like there simply isn't enough time in the day for our learners to consume all the information they need in order to change their performance. Between learning policies and procedures, communication skills, leadership, and a plethora of compliance trainings, our learners can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of topics they need to learn. So how can we alleviate time for the learner and also save time for us as L&D professionals? I answer this questions in the video below, which is a [...]

Using The LCD Model to Gain Time Back2021-11-04T11:31:41-04:00

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