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The New LCD Tools are Here!

The New LCD Model's Tools Are Here! After over a year of work, Lisa and I have finished evolving the Learning Cluster Design Tools. Yes, this means the ones preserved in print forever in our favorite book, Designing for Modern Learning, are outdated and will no longer be available online. We want you to learn and use the LCD Tools v2.0! We hope you will join us in our new evolution of the LCD model. Lisa and I have always said, "Modern changes every day." No one is exempt from that rule, including our work with the LCD model! Out with [...]

The New LCD Tools are Here!2024-01-22T03:29:41-05:00

[Dialogue Recap] Learning from Modern Learning Success Stories w/ the full community

Highlights: at :15 - Emma Strong shares the first full Learning Cluster launched at Veritext, with over 450 out of 1100 employees receiving the certificate badge by end of year, regardless of which asset they took at 11:25 - Karyssa Dittman from Zendesk shares the success of gaining influence and being invited to share about the LCD model to her leadership team at 13:00 - The community shares key terminology that has helped created buy-in to the model such as the phrases on-the-job change, preventing one-offs or not one and done, surrounding learners, learning assets at 19:56 - Aubrey Giammarco, Sales [...]

[Dialogue Recap] Learning from Modern Learning Success Stories w/ the full community2023-02-28T01:18:20-05:00

[Dialogue Recap] Inclusive Learner Personas w/ Lori McDaniel and Jen Hurley

Highlights: at 4:56 - A reminder: what is DEI and especially equity and how does that relate to learning design at 5:52 - Permission-giving to make mistakes and acknowledge those we’ve made in the past at 10:19 - Introducing the Social Identity Wheel as a way to think through learning and performance barriers when using the Learn Learner-to-Learner Differences Tool in the LCD Model at 31:16 - Ways Learner Personas and including the diversity of your audience shows up in ALL five Actions of the LCD Model  

[Dialogue Recap] Inclusive Learner Personas w/ Lori McDaniel and Jen Hurley2023-03-03T21:38:49-05:00

On STEM Professionals and Social Dynamic Capability

Today is a special day - I've written a new book and it's available now! Though not a 'train-the-trainer' book like Designing for Modern Learning, I thought you might be interested as someone who influences capability building for STEM professionals.Are you working in or with an organization that has STEM professionals? STEM professionals make up a high percentage of our organizations - whether they are scientists, statisticians, data analysts, researchers, programmers, doctors, finance, or many, many other roles. These professionals influence change through designing, developing, and launching innovations and engaging in the frontline every day. They support our systems and value creation processes. [...]

On STEM Professionals and Social Dynamic Capability2023-03-01T06:43:30-05:00

Building a Bridge Between L&D and OD

Have you ever wondered how L&D and Organization Development can work together effectively? Jess Almlie and I have been discussing that question for almost a year and presented an emerging framework "The L&OD Bridge" at ATD this year. We've now written a four-part blog series sharing the framework. We hope this work inspires more conversation and practice in bridging the two fields, capabilities, roles, and projects so we can collectively start making bigger business impact. In our second blog, we talk about steps 1 and 2 of the framework which explicitly names the importance of finding and using models that bridge both L&D [...]

Building a Bridge Between L&D and OD2023-02-28T01:51:22-05:00

Dialogue Recap: Dave Sayers and Changing Stakeholder Expectations

Do you often wonder how L&D can have a seat at the table? Do you wonder how to create different expectations for your stakeholders as you evolve from one and done to modern learning clusters? During our October Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue, we heard from Dave Sayers, L&D leader at Cortland and LCD Practicum alumni. Dave leads a ~10 member L&D team at a fast growing, values-driven organization. He begins by sharing about going from drive by requests to being invited to design a strategy upfront, well before a change hits. What's a drive by request? It's when a department drops by on a Friday and asks [...]

Dialogue Recap: Dave Sayers and Changing Stakeholder Expectations2023-02-28T01:45:58-05:00

How to Identify Missing Gaps In Your Strategy

Wouldn’t it be nice if every training program you worked on was starting from a clean slate, with no history, no background? You could do all of the cool things you hear about and not worry about learner and stakeholder expectations. We often focus on the new, but yet, our work is most often on the transition. A transition implies that letting go of something you were doing to move on or include something new. In my work, what I encounter is most people have been designing training to accomplish learning and now, they want to design learning clusters instead. Reminder: [...]

How to Identify Missing Gaps In Your Strategy2023-03-23T00:48:32-04:00

[Sept Dialogue Recap] Motivating Change When Stakeholders Say the Org is “Good Enough” As Is

A few weeks ago, we had a great Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue where we talked about how to break through a very particular resistance to change: being “too successful”.  Many times, our stakeholders can hold the mentality that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and that gets in the way of evolutions we want to make to learning. Especially when trying to introduce modern learning approaches, we can get stuck by the expectation that all learning is training.  People know us for what we’ve always done and might not see a reason for us to do something new, especially if [...]

[Sept Dialogue Recap] Motivating Change When Stakeholders Say the Org is “Good Enough” As Is2023-02-28T03:11:19-05:00

56 Change Management Initiatives and the LCD Model

David Sayers, like many of you, works in a rapidly growing business. Cortland is a property management company that has grown from 20,000 to 78,000 units in the last few years! What does that mean as the L&D leader? Dave and his team needed to keep up with building capability for all the new teams that run the properties. Dave takes on the challenge through modern learning approaches and in the past year has discovered the LCD model. He is turning to the model as his core approach to manage change. And oh by the way, Dave and his team won [...]

56 Change Management Initiatives and the LCD Model2023-03-01T05:54:39-05:00

LCD in Action: Professional Association ESG & Finance Examples

This month, we had the pleasure of not just one, but three leaders from the Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) share their incredible work on the LCD model. Michael Grant, Director of Learning Innovation, Jennier Hackim, Director of Learning Design, and Lizza Igoe, Senior Manager of Learning Design, discussed the journey since investing in the LCD practicum and the new possibilities for the organization. The AICPA is a global professional association for accounting professionals with 700,000 members. Over the past two years, this organization has undergone tremendous change. And, as truly successful organizations do, rather than just make one change, they’ve [...]

LCD in Action: Professional Association ESG & Finance Examples2023-02-28T01:57:14-05:00
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