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Special Event: Measuring Learning Impact with Lisa MD Owens & Jack Phillips

  We are ecstatic to announce a special event hosted by Learning Cluster Design Model co-creator, Lisa MD Owens with Jack Phillips from the ROI Institute on February 10th. During our event Jack will provide insights for our LCD community, based on his decades of experience with measurement, evaluation, accountability and ROI. The ROI Methodology® is a revolutionary process that provided bottom-line figures for all types of programs on learning, performance improvement, human resources, technology and public policy. Not only is Jack the chairman of ROI Institute, Inc. but a world-renowned expert on accountability, measurement, and evaluation. He provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies [...]

Special Event: Measuring Learning Impact with Lisa MD Owens & Jack Phillips2023-03-01T23:57:25-05:00

Learning is Changing: Edoardo Gironi Dialogue Recap

Hello Learning Cluster Design Community! One of the best ways to understand the LCD Model is to see it in action! At the beginning of the month we were joined by Edoardo Gironi, Founder & CEO of Apprendere, for our Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue. Edoardo shared how the Learning Cluster Design Model fits perfectly with digital learning in organizations and gave real-life examples of how he is currently applying the model. First, Edoardo shared his take on what digital learning actually means. Digital Learning is a learning method based on the use of new digital tools to enable learners to learn in a [...]

Learning is Changing: Edoardo Gironi Dialogue Recap2023-03-29T03:10:19-04:00

Are you Serious? Or Just Hopeful?

Are you Serious? Or Just Hopeful? Motivation and insight for L&D on Tracking Success By Lisa M.D. Owens,  January 202 This is the first of several blogs on Tracking Success for L&D. Crystal Kadakia and Lisa MD Owens are the co-creators of the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model. This model is made up of five Actions that L&D takes to create learning clusters to meet the needs of modern learners in a digital age. Because Modern changes every day. Lisa and Crystal regularly research and evolve the model and the five actions. This blog series is a result of Lisa’s recent [...]

Are you Serious? Or Just Hopeful?2023-03-02T00:05:06-05:00

Dialogue Recap: Enid Crystal Modern Learning Leader

Hi Learning Cluster Design Community! One of the biggest questions we get for the Learning Cluster Design (LCD) model is where and how can we provide access to learning clusters we create. Recall, learning clusters is the new L&D deliverable we call for in the model - it's a set of learning assets that surrounds learners, when, where, and how they most want and need them for a particular learning goal. At last month’s modern learning dialogue, we were joined by Consultant and previous VP of L&D at Black Rock, Enid Crystal, who shared a real-life example of how she is working [...]

Dialogue Recap: Enid Crystal Modern Learning Leader2023-03-29T03:02:46-04:00

Inside The 2-Week Practicum

Hi ​​Learning Cluster Design Community, Happy New Year! There's nothing like starting the new year with new inspiration as you get back into things. This January and February, we have several opportunities for you to learn about modern learning and Learning Cluster Design. Take a look below and feel free to reach out if you have any questions! Monthly Dialogues We kicked off our new year with our first monthly dialogue of the year with Edoardo Gironi. If you missed out, don't worry - the video will be available on our YouTube channel shortly (subscribe for updates) and summary will be shared [...]

Inside The 2-Week Practicum2023-03-02T00:12:13-05:00

Celebrating What’s in Store for 2022!

Hi Learning Cluster Design Community, It seems like just yesterday we were recapping what was an unprecedented year in 2020, and looking towards 2021. While this year also presented it’s challenges, our Learning Cluster Design community remained committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional L&D to create better, more efficient, people-focused learning experiences. This year, we celebrated one full year of delivering the Learning Cluster Design Two Week Practicum in a completely virtual format, and have now had over 600 graduates of the practicum since it launched live in 2015! We’ve had learning professionals (and quite a few non L&D folks) join [...]

Celebrating What’s in Store for 2022!2023-03-02T00:23:12-05:00

Learning in the Flow of Work: Insights from Monthly Dialogues

At October’s monthly Modern Learning dialogue, based on popular vote via a LinkedIn poll, we dove deep into the topic of learning in the flow of work. In practice, as we start to implement any new concept, we often find ourselves asking, “How will this change be  possible in my organization?” In order to answer this question, it’s best to break it down into several more specific and digestible questions. Our community participants started this conversation and provide some fantastic insight into taking on the process of initiating learning in the flow of work. So, let’s start to break down the [...]

Learning in the Flow of Work: Insights from Monthly Dialogues2023-03-02T01:37:55-05:00

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl

I recently explored the topic of modern learning with one of our fellow modern learning partners, leader at Squigl/Truscribe, Derrell Connon. We had a great conversation that revolved around how learning is evolving. Derrell and I explored the idea that adopting an agile mindset has become very popular as of late, but in reality, this has been around for the last 20-25 years. As modern learning designers, we often question how we can move from such a heavily in person learning format to being primarily remote but we forget that we have nearly two decades of resource solutions to utilize.  Check [...]

How Learning is Evolving featuring Squigl2023-03-02T01:41:43-05:00

Monthly Dialogue Recap: Jen Zach

At this November's modern learning monthly dialogue, we were joined by  Executive Coach Jen Zach where she shared how she is applying learning clusters to the coaching space. Because coaching is often considered a one-and-done area, Jen walked our community through the process of how  learning clusters can be applied and how they benefit the coachee. Jen explained that she had an aha moment about learning clusters when she was asked by a client to come out and provide in-person learning and coaching. In doing the math, Jen realized that with the cost of her coming in plus the cost of [...]

Monthly Dialogue Recap: Jen Zach2023-03-02T01:44:33-05:00

Dec 2nd Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Enid Crystal, Consultant

In December, we are excited to have Enid Crystal, Consultant and ex VP at Black Rock, share a real-life example of how she is working with a client to provide learning resource libraries using Microsoft Teams. Enid has expertise in designing learning experiences that meet the needs of today’s modern learners. She is proficient in designing and developing digital and hybrid solutions that include e-learning, mobile delivery, virtual classroom, micro-learning, and workflow learning. With over 25 years in corporate learning and development for global companies such as Pfizer, BlackRock, and MetLife, Enid is known for creating scalable learning solutions that focus on [...]

Dec 2nd Monthly Dialogue Reminder: Enid Crystal, Consultant2023-03-02T01:47:30-05:00
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