Featured Speaker at ATD 2022

David Sayers
David SayersSenior Director of Talent Development, CORTLAND


How We Can Support You

We are leading the future for learning creators to disrupt one-and-done, one-size-fits-all learning and drive lasting impact.

We are the home of the Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design (LCD) Model, the leading learning design model that surrounds users with learning assets for real behavior change. 

We aspire for a future where Learning Clusters are the norm, and we leave behind delivering stand-alone experiences that only have a momentary impact.

We are making the LCD model the norm by:

  • Upskilling learning creators from a diverse range of jobs and disciplines 
    • Practicum Courses
    • Immersive Courses
  • Consulting with companies on their most complex change challenges
  • Innovating by researching and building a community to answer the most often unanswered questions
    • Join our Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue

The LCD Group has reached over 5,000 people and worked with 100+ companies through our activities. Join us and work with best-in-class experts to get the skills to apply the leading learning design model and connect on today’s top issues.