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Want to join us?

We are actively looking for independent consultants and freelancers looking to add modern learning clientele to their business.

Our team is made up of expert generalist L&D practitioners and specialists in technology for learning application.

Currently, we are not looking for full-time employees.

Generalist Job Opening

Our training firm is looking for creative, forward-thinking independent instructional design & development practitioners to join our L&D consultant pool.

This is the perfect opportunity for cutting-edge L&D generalists who are comfortable working remotely, looking for an additional source of clientele, and interested in staying at the top of their game:

  • You get to be a strategist, not an order taker.
  • You get to design the vision for the most modern learning projects in industry.
  • You get to spend your time doing the work vs. chasing down clients.
  • You get world-class training on the latest learning design model.

Read more and find out application instructions here.


Specialist Consultant Opportunity

If you have any of the following technical skills and have experience applying them in the training industry, please contact us directly at info@learningclusterdesign.com.

Please put Specialist Talent Inquiry in your subject line.

  • Video Creation
  • App Development
  • Offline Game Design
  • Video Game Design
  • Social Learning
  • Virtual or Augmented Reality

Learning Cluster Design is an L&D consultancy that creates modern learning experiences for large organizations. Organizations today are looking to build talent capability through means that are no longer limited by the classroom experience, and instead happen seamlessly in and out of the flow of work. Our differentiator is our process – Learning Cluster Design is the only model for designing learning that centers on strategically selecting and creating a set of learning assets to meet an on-the-job performance goal. The model is supported by the Association for Talent Development and is being published through our new book, “Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM”.

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Join Over 400 Participants  skilled in the Learning Cluster Design Model

100% of participants would recommend the LCD Virtual Workshop to a colleague

Participants report an average of 40% improvement in their ability to design modern learning after attending the workshop

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