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After a few years of researching millennials and their impact on the future of work, in 2015, Crystal Kadakia was asked by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to create and facilitate a workshop on designing training for the Modern Learner. Since Crystal not only had future of work expertise, but had experience as a global training manager, it was a win-win notion. Crystal reached out to another expert, Lisa MD Owens, who had 35 years of experience in L&D, to help.

So started something big. Having these two powerhouses of thought working together meant that nothing was created without thorough research and strategic understanding. Crystal and Lisa quickly realized that the L&D industry (like most industries) didn’t need a new skillset or ideas just for millennials. What they needed was far deeper and more transformative – a new learning model for all capability development of the future.

Through analyzing what is missing from current L&D practice while also respecting the long-standing capability the L&D profession brings, they were able to create a model that is simple, intuitive, and just makes sense. It redefines the goal of the L&D industry from the know-how and practice of creating one learning deliverable at a time to creating a strategic set of learning assets called a Learning Cluster. These learning assets span time, place, and method and empowers L&D to come out of the classroom into the flow of work.

Lisa and Crystal developed the seeds of a new model, and over four years, iterated, tested, and taught it as an ATD LearnNow workshop. They also worked with private clients to put the model into practice with organizations. In 2019 came another request from ATD: Can you both write the book on modern learning? The answer was a resounding yes.

With the work of model development behind them, the next goals are to continue adoption of the model industry-wide and to help organizations design and deliver modern learning clusters to their customers. Today, Learning Cluster Design represents a growing team of LCD Model experts who can bring modern learning experiences to life at your organization.

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