Our Story

In 2020, Crystal Kadakia, co-creator of the model, started LCD Group.

The LCD Group has reached over 5,000 people through the book, the practicum, speaking engagements, and community dialogues. We have worked with over 100 companies, upskilling and consulting on the model. Though small as a staffed team, we are a mighty movement with a growing community driving a new future for learning, inside and outside the L&D field.

One where Learning Clusters are the norm, and just delivering classes and curriculum are the exception.

Our Vision

Through activities that make the LCD model the norm, we will be the vehicle for the learning industry to leave one-and-done behind and move into today’s user-driven, immediate learning world.

Without our thought processes advancing in how to design learning, we can’t take advantage of today’s advanced learning technologies – learning professionals need to invest in both to make a difference to their customers today.

Disrupt one-and-done, one-size-fits-all learning.

Surround learners with assets for real behavior change.

The LCD Group can help you by:
(1) Getting the skills to apply the model through our courses
(2) Working with best in class LCD model experts – our team works on consulting engagements of all sizes with experience in a diverse range of challenges
(3) Exploring the latest advances in the industry – stay in touch via our mailing list and LinkedIn 

Our Team

Are you interested in joining our team? We are always looking for out of the box, modern thinkers when it comes to learning design who would like to join our team of freelancers.

Here’s what we look for.

If this sounds like you, contact us below.

Crystal Kadakia

Crystal Kadakia

CEO & Co-Creator of the LCD Model

As the co-creator of the LCD model, Crystal initiated the broader effort to launch the LCD Group to make the LCD model and Learning Clusters a norm for learning design. In addition, she also leads her own independent Organizational Development consulting practice. She brings the full capabilities from her multi-faceted background to serve clients and her team.

She is a sincere thought leader, with accolades such as being a two-time TEDx speaker, a Power 30 Under 30 award winner, and an international keynoter. She is the author of The Millennial Myth: Transforming Misunderstanding into Workplace Breakthroughs (Berrett-Koehler, 2017). She co-authored Your Career: How to Make It Happen (Cengage) with Lisa MD Owens.

Her educational background includes a bachelors in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Organizational Development.

Because of these diverse experiences, she is able to cultivate and bring multiple lenses to the work – from L&D expertise to organizational change to strategy to engineering problem solving to coaching. In addition, her work has given her valuable exposure to a wide set of industries from financial services to consumer products to manufacturing to energy and utilities and more.

Her passion ultimately is to help people and organizations see and make the most of possibilities to help make a positive difference in their communities. She constantly creates models that help make sense of complexity and then seeks to apply them in different fields and for different problems. Her current project is a deep study of self-leadership actions that help create connection, escape burnout, and overcome other challenges unique to the digital age.

Danielle Goldsmith

Danielle Goldsmith

Senior LCD Consultant and Facilitator

Danielle Goldsmith was the first to join the LCD Group and has the experience to show it! Having worked with clients like Pepsi and Worldwide Clinical on consulting projects, as well as facilitating our two-week practicum, Danielle is a part of our full range of learning assets. She is especially passionate about the Change and Upgrade Actions and has a knack for executing our “LCD Lite” projects.

Prior to working with the LCD Group, she had several years of experience in instructional design and development and employee training. She has designed and developed learning programs for a variety of organizations from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. She has a graduate certificate in instructional design from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

Sarah Cannistra

Sarah Cannistra

LCD Facilitator and Coach

Sarah began her journey to the LCD Group through being one of the first readers of the book, Designing for Modern Learning, and evangelizing it on social media. She caught Crystal’s attention with her thought leadership and officially joined the LCD movement.

Having worked as both an LCD consultant and a facilitator, Sarah now serves primarily as a facilitator and also as a coach for the LCD Group. Her own initiatives include a very successful podcast, The Overnight Trainer, an executive coaching program, and a new to L&D mastermind. Her sweet spot is coaching those transitioning to L&D or those leading L&D teams. Throughout, she shares LCD model as a fundamental modern competency. Prior to her entrepreneurial career, Sarah was an L&D Director for a 2500 employee organization.

Andrew Tiffany

Andrew Tiffany

LCD Consultant and Facilitator

Andrew supports the LCD Group as a facilitator and consultant when he’s not busy enabling his team at National Geographic. A native New Zealander, Andrew started his career in physics and worked for Disney, prior to his current role. Andrew stumbled across the model and has been practicing it ever since!

Jeremy Segal

Jeremy Segal

LCD Client Success

Jeremy supports learning cluster design graduates and evangelists to help ensure they’re maximizing the value they’re getting for being part of the Learning Cluster Design movement.

Lisa MD Owens

Lisa MD Owens

LCD Model Co-Creator and Advisor

Though Lisa has officially retired, we are lucky to have her continued engagement through speaking and writing to share the model. She also often coaches leaders on applying the LCD model.

In the later half of her 30+ year career at Procter & Gamble, Lisa was P&G’s leading training professional, with a broad range of cutting-edge internal programs. After retiring from P&G in 2011, Lisa partnered with Crystal Kadakia to research and solve some of the issues facing L&D in this modern age, ultimately resulting in the LCD model.

Lisa also co-authored “Leaders as Teachers Action Guide”; the textbook, “Your Career: How to Make it Happen” 9th edition; and “Lo Start-Up Di Una Corporate University” (Italian). Annually, since 2009, she judges for learning awards such as ATD BEST Awards and CLO ELITE.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (1977 Georgia Tech), and Masters in Education (1996 UC).

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