The 90 day impact

The 90-Day L&D Impact Accelerator for L&D Teams

See the difference from conversation #1 all the way to budget time, when your team’s level 4 results will speak for themselves of the ROI on Learning.

Here’s a little known secret about the Learning Cluster Design model: If you invest in building this competency in yourself and your team, your order taking days will drop steadily until they hit zero.

How is that possible?

Because every person on your team, including you, will have the capability and vision to build strategic multi-asset learning initiatives that drive on-the-job change for your learners.

Your stakeholders will stop assuming training is the solution and start inviting you to leverage your department’s expertise to strategize and solve their business challenge.

You’ll stop fighting for budget every year because your stakeholders will readily agree with the impact your team is making and trust the new investments you want to make.

Your L&D team will be talking about how much more empowered they feel in stakeholder conversations and they will be actively sharing the level 3 and 4 impacts of their work.

Your external colleagues will be wondering what your secret sauce is to how you’ve taken an internal support function and turned it into something that has measurable business impact.

And, when you’re ready to take the next leap in your career, interviewers will be wanting you to make the same change at their company that you just did.

Little do all these folks know, that secret?

It was this little big idea you and your team invested in called Learning Cluster Design.

Inside the 90-Day Impact Accelerator


Get immediate wins through our async course, in the flow of your team’s work, where they learn the five Actions of the LCD Model and the Tools through applying to a case study and their own work.


Sustain the wins through year-long always on access to modern learning consultancy with our 24/7 Ask the Expert forum and our Learning Cluster Library


Learn from other users outside your company during our regular calls. Learn from Crystal during regular office hours/coffee chats.


Make it the best it can be — consistently, over time. Every team member will learn the LCD Tools v2.0 and get feedback for up to a year on their work on any project.

Bonus: 90-Day Team Accelerator Plan

Save time and ensure quality by leveraging our pre-built schedule to keep your team learning and on track with the model.

Learning Prioritizer

Bonus: The Business to Learning Prioritizer

Organize your team’s workload to maximize success using our frameworks to help you prioritize work projects to modernize and win with stakeholders.

Bonus: Change Management Toolkit

Manage the changes of modernizing learning with stakeholders using our Learning Cluster for Learning Clusters change theory aids.

Get Started

The 90-Day Accelerator is an open enrollment experience, year-round. Just sign up each individual you’d like to join from your team.

Upon joining, your team members will receive access to our platform as well as a step by step weekly guide holding them accountable to the 90-day plan.

90-Day Impact Accelerator

$$1,997per person

Where’s the Proof?

Have you met my friend, Dave?

David Sayers is the L&D Leader at Cortland, one of the fastest-growing property management companies in the USA.

After finding the LCD model, he led his team in putting the brakes on their order-taking days.

Dave-SayersDave and his team were often victims of what they called the Friday happy hour drive-by. Stakeholders would stop by on a Friday asking for a brand new training to be delivered…you guessed it… that coming Monday.

Dave needed to change the reputation and perception of L&D. So he stepped back, got upskilled in the LCD model, and started implementing the Change On-the-Job Behavior Action.

He and his team learned to ask different questions when stakeholders drove by and design different initiatives. No longer just delivering training, their reputation grew as business partners.

Wow, that must have taken years.

Nope, it took 6 months.

Today, Dave has identified over 40 business-critical initiatives to take on in place of the not-as-important order-taking they were doing. Last year, they had 56 initiatives which they delivered with success.

Dave and his team are now the first to be invited when a project idea emerges.

Let’s repeat that.

They are the FIRST at the table. And they lead the project.

There is no longer any doubt that the Learning department is crucial to Cortland’s success.

Here’s the best part. Dave and his team won the ATD Best Award in 2022 for their modern learning strategy work.

Dave is a brilliant leader. And he invested in the LCD model as a core component for his L&D team.

Need more proof? Check out the testimonial videos below from folks across a wide variety of organizations.

By interviewing, surveying and doing focus groups with stakeholders, it has helped us ‘signal’ to them that we do more than plan events. We have shown them that we are following a rigorous methodology and that helped improve our credibility. The organization is about to go through a transformation with a new president and the LCD model has allowed us to show that we are lock-step with the transformation because we are working hard to modernize our learning program.

L&D Leader, Public Sector, Global

“In the past, the solution to company problems has always just been training. Using the LCD model has given me the courage to ask better questions and gently push back to uncover solutions that will actually work vs. checking the box.”

L&D Leader, One-Person Team, Manufacturing

Helen Davison, Chief Learning Officer Invested in LCD for her Team for Enterprise Wide Initiatives

“It’s been a real eye opener of how silo-ed we had been as a learning department in our organization.”

“It’s been a really integral driver for us to select assets in the Surround Action. It’s really easy to fall in the trap of designing for the new learner. It really pushes you to think past now to all those other learning moments.”

“One of the things that I find interesting is how much the language of the model has become a part of the language of our broader organization.”

“It’s amazing how rich the data source is to use for other things – it’s a nice benefit to the business.”

“There’s a reasonable expectation that we will win an award for our work.”

Juliann Brown, SVP of Learning at Geisinger, onboarded her team to modern learning through various steps (all combined in the Accelerator!). Conversations changed instantly with internal business partners!

Ray Kung, Learning Leader at Atlassian, and his team of 8 got aligned to a team vision and language for modernizing learning through the course materials.

Loc Nguyen started an L&D function from scratch for a SaaS company after investing in the LCD model. He won an ATD BEST award for his work! (He attended an older workshop, which is even better now!)

Additional Testimonials:

Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA)

Ray Kung, Learning Leader
Charlotte Whitmore, Program Manager
Eve Claydon, Global Team Member
Maddie Dietz, R&D Program Manager

Other referrals available upon request:

World Bank | Hewlett Packard Enterprises | Coast Capital Savings

Get Started

The 90-Day Accelerator is an open enrollment experience, year-round. Just sign up each individual you’d like to join from your team.

Upon joining, your team members will receive access to our platform as well as a step by step weekly guide holding them accountable to the 90-day plan.

90-Day Impact Accelerator

$$1,997per person

Justifying the Cost

We’ve tried to make this as easy for you by starting with transparent flat prices and accelerating the paperwork as much as possible:

  • Need to get on a call with us to discuss? Schedule a call with Crystal on her Calendly.
  • Note our L&D Launch Guarantee: We know you’ll see results by the end of the 90 days. Your team members will be sharing the difference in stakeholder conversations and the quality of the work they are producing. However, if you’re not satisfied with what you sees in 90 days*, you can get opt for a full refund.

*Provided your full team has fully completed the Fundamentals of LCD course, tried the Tools on a real work project, and has asked for help via our consultancy when they run into issues. We also cannot guarantee results for organizations that go through a complete re-organization during the year of purchase, however we can attest that we have seen learning departments who are upskilled in the LCD model as much more prepared and valued during such times.

Path 1 (Recommended): Tap into Outsourcing Budget

Look at the number of business critical projects you have this year. Imagine each project shares the cost of external support. Spread the above flat fee across the projects. Remember, your investment in the 90-Day L&D Impact Accelerator gives you up to a year of 24/7 modern learning consultancy access.

Path 2 (Less Preferred): Tap into Professional Development Budget

Consider the budget you have available to develop your team members. Spread the cost of the Accelerator across each team member. Make sure to include yourself.