Imagine doing one $50,000 consulting engagement vs ten $3,000 engagements.

Most L&D consultants compete to do technical instructional design AND to do it for a handful of modalities (think e-learning, videos, and live curriculum design).

Consultants capable in the LCD model stand out for their ability to develop learning strategy and build ecosystems for a given business challenge.

You can charge more because the work is higher value.

You do less projects because the projects are at a more strategic level.

If you stay focused and learn the LCD model in 30 days or less, you can change how you do business.

You can have lower stress with a bigger impact.

Larger companies will seek you out because you’ve got a modern learning competency they don’t have in house.

Other instructional design outfits will wonder how you’re able to get in early on client projects and work on the fun stuff.

You can finally break away from being an instructional designer to being a learning strategist.

Your secret sauce?

It was the day you decided to invest in Learning Cluster Design.

Inside the 30-Day High Value Client LCD Bootcamp

Where’s the Proof?

Here’s the news: We’ve been there and done that.

LCD Group and our internal consultant team has never done a single technical instructional design project.

We’ve worked with organizations including General Mills, Pepsico, Atlassian, Genentech and the World Bank.

We didn’t charge hourly.

We worked with the head of the department as peers and collaborators.

We charged thousands – because the work we did was deep. The impact we had was over several years and enterprise or department-wide.

Sometimes we worked solo. Other times in pairs.

We each focused on one or two clients at a time.

And we want to share our secret sauce with you.

Why? Because there are too many projects and too many organizations that need modern learning, that need multi-asset initiatives tailored to diverse learner personas, in service of on-the-job change.

And we can’t do them all.

Need more proof? Check out the testimonial videos below from consultants who are seeing the impact of the LCD model on their business.

Cordes Lindow, Learning Consultant & Coach, Lindow Learning

🔥 “I have found this is the easiest way to develop a learning ecosystem.”

“As a consultant, I want to have the backing to say this is something I can do.”

“I don’t want to do one-and-done”

“Working through the Tools, I came up with a plan for the client…the pain points, the solutions, the assets that I could then offer as the next services, as a menu for the client to choose from.”

🔥 “I don’t want to do one and done. I didn’t want to just be making courses. The LCD model definitely helps you shift that focus. I’m going to structure all my client engagements this way.”

Jen Zach, Coach, and LCD Model for her Business

An Example of Jen’s Learning Cluster for a Client

Get Started

Here’s some even more great news. You don’t have to wait for another cohort or a live event date. The Bootcamp is always available to join, on a rolling basis.

Justifying the Cost

We’re going to make it easy for you and do the math.

Spend $4,500 in upskilling this month.

With the first client you get, you’ll be charging about $150 or even more per hour and quoting 25% of your time for a 3-6 month long project.

.25 X 40 X 150 X 4 = $6,000.

That comes out to $6,000/mth.

For one client for 10 hours of your week.

If you’re not satisfied within the year, we will refund you 75% of your fee. (The 25% goes straight to compensating us for our costs of providing the infrastructure).

All we need from you is a commitment to:

  • Go through the course
  • Redesign your marketing pitch
  • Seek out clients*

*Unfortunately, we can’t directly help you find clients (yet). That’s on you. If you come to us and say you’ve put in the work, but you haven’t actually tried talking to anyone yet with your new pitch or sought out high value RFPs, we are going to tell you to do the obvious: follow through.