The New LCD Model’s Tools Are Here!

After over a year of work, Lisa and I have finished evolving the Learning Cluster Design Tools.
Yes, this means the ones preserved in print forever in our favorite book, Designing for Modern Learning, are outdated and will no longer be available online.
We want you to learn and use the LCD Tools v2.0!

We hope you will join us in our new evolution of the LCD model.

Lisa and I have always said, “Modern changes every day.”

No one is exempt from that rule, including our work with the LCD model!

Out with the old, in with the new.

What are the LCD Tools?

The Tools are step-by-step frameworks to gather the data, complete the strategic thinking, and create the deliverable for each of LCD Model’s Five Actions. The five Tools were first published in the book, Designing for Modern Learning, in 2020 after teaching the model for 5 years.

Recall, that the Learning Cluster Design model is a learning design model for designing multiple learning assets for more than a single target audience for a given learning initiative. The goal is to change on-the-job behavior. It is composed of five Actions and four Principles. These actions are: Change On-the-Job Behavior, learning learner-to-learner Differences, upgrading existing Assets, surrounding learners with Meaningful Learning Assets, and tracking the Transformation of Everyone’s Results.

What Led to Evolving the LCD Tools?

Below Crystal and Lisa share their drivers for evolving the LCD Tools v1.0 to the new LCD Tools v2.0.

In essence:

  • The practice of theory and lived application of the Tools led to evolution.
  • We originally and continue to lead the learning industry in the concept of Collective Impact measurement, rather than single asset measurement, to drive business change.

A Preview of New Tool Features

Below Crystal and Lisa share just a few of their favorite new features of the LCD Tools v2.0.

For a full changelog, see the Tools page on the LCD website.


Step-by-Step LCD Tool v2.0 Onboarding

Step 1: Download the New LCD Tools v2.0

Step 2: Choose One of Two Tool Launch Events to Attend

At our launch event, you’ll learn about:

  • The connection between the new Tools v2.0 and the LCD Principles
  • The Key Concepts behinds the Tools v2.0
  • The LCD Learning Journey with Contests to support your growth in the new Tools v2.0

February 7th

2-3 pm EST 11-12 pm PST

February 9th

9-10 am EST 3-4 pm CET

Step 3: Check out our Additional Learning Assets –

The LCD Tool Walkthrough Video Courses

Learn better with an expert walkthrough and an example? The Tool Walkthrough Video courses are another way for you to learn about the Tools.

Step 4: Start Trying the Tools Out and Let Us Know How It’s Going

Happy Clustering!

Hope you’ll join us in making an even bigger business impact and modernizing learning even more!