Today is a special day – I’ve written a new book and it’s available now! Though not a ‘train-the-trainer’ book like Designing for Modern Learning, I thought you might be interested as someone who influences capability building for STEM professionals.Are you working in or with an organization that has STEM professionals?

STEM professionals make up a high percentage of our organizations – whether they are scientists, statisticians, data analysts, researchers, programmers, doctors, finance, or many, many other roles.

These professionals influence change through designing, developing, and launching innovations and engaging in the frontline every day. They support our systems and value creation processes.

But they weren’t trained, as some fields are to navigate social dynamics. They rely on their intuition and often lead with their technical expertise to collaborate, to build relationships, and ultimately, to get their work out there.

👉 They start their career and are surprised by the reactions they get by other people. Maybe they are given a lot of responsibility and have to learn quickly how to navigate workplace politics and the hierarchy. Or maybe, they aren’t taken seriously yet because they haven’t put in the time. Either way, the way they communicate can often become a barrier.

👉 As they work on teams, they can be seen as the “Negative Nancy” or the team member that consistently focuses on the problems and “not ready for launch” attitude. They can be reluctant to engage in team disagreements effectively or try to shelter behind knowledge, rather than work with the people in the room.

👉 Later on, when they get promoted to leadership positions, they either have the knack to manage others or they don’t. They are often put in leadership trainings or assigned a coach because of their lack of “people skills” as a punitive or development action after the fact.

What if we could proactively have the opportunity for STEM professionals to learn about psychology and build their capability to become self-aware, work in relationships, work in teams, and lead organizations? 

Social Equations fills a critical gap for STEM professionals – it gives them access to build on their technical expertise with social expertise so they can make a positive impact.

The book is tailored with the STEM professional in mind, from college student or new hire all the way up to leaders of departments and organizations:

📌 Intended as a reference guide, not a front to back read. Head to the topic needed at this moment and work your way through over time, ongoing
📌 Full of visuals. Fellow Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science graduate and former engineer Michelle Smiley illustrated the complex concepts.
📌 Uses STEM metaphors. We take social dynamic concepts and use common science & math concepts as metaphors to help provide greater understanding
📌Organized by problem AND solution. So you can easily navigate to what you need, when you need it.
📌 Guidance to Put Into Practice and to Reflect. Not just about the academic theory, the book is focused on practical action with step by steps and reflection questions for each social dynamic covered.

We expect these brilliant people to be brilliant in every category – and without adequate support, a do it yourself approach.

These individuals are taking on incredible cognitive load every day applying their technical expertise to complex challenges, while simultaneously trying to figure out the social part of the equation. 

If you are a STEM professional, working with these professionals or helping drive the effectiveness of an organization with STEM professionals as a part of the talent base, check out the book!

Consider it as a personal recommendation to a colleague, a team building or book club activity, or for existing programs, like new hire onboarding, leadership development, or competency framework resource.

Check out the sneak peak images of the book below and help empower the STEM professionals you know with buying a copy!

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