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Your Modern Learning Journey

Thank you for being a part of the conversation around what the modern learner needs and how learning design professionals can best support learners. No longer is the day of one-and-done or one-size-fits all going to be effective in any learning environment.

Learning creation needs to be different, tailored to the learners. This difference in approach also means incorporating a variety of means for delivering those learning assets.

We recognize the importance of delivering learning solutions and assets across multiple times, ways, and places. If we’re not able to offer learners a variety of ways to learn, time and money are both wasted on the effort. Additionally, the purpose of learning is to allow learners to implement this training, and especially now, upskilling to their jobs, which is workplace learning solution’s primary purpose.

We are expanding our offerings to the learning community to support those who are working daily to better apply the LCD Model in their organizations through three initiatives.


This flagship blended learning course is for Learning Leaders and Creators who are ready to level up their work and make modern learning a norm, the LCD Practicum builds your intermediate level capability in the LCD model, while also producing a learning cluster you can implement back at work. It’s a total of 2.5 days spread across 3 weeks, and fully embedded in your flow of work, while being highly social. Learn more HERE


A six-hour course to upskill you on how to leverage the LCD model and how it can support various learning challenges. In this course, you will build a baseline capability in the LCD model through practice, using a case study. Learn more HERE


In half a day, tackle the barriers to applying the model in your organization. You want to realize the benefits of the model. You know the model, but you haven’t been able to implement it fully in your work. Something has gotten in the way somehow – maybe it’s the internal learning culture, the technology systems, or needing more coaching on particular Actions tailored to your work problems.

Current Topics include:

  • Housing Learning Clusters
  • Cluster Coaching

Learn more HERE

Next Modern Learning Monthly Dialogue

Marketing Learning Clusters

May 5th at Noon EDT

It’s difficult to deliver a new learning product that no one expects. How do you manage the change of moving to modern learning? How do we build a strategy to market your learning clusters and manage the change toward modern learning?

In our Modern Learning monthly dialogues, we’ve been hearing themes emerge of Learning Cluster Design application challenges you face – and the great ideas we all have for one another.

During May’s Monthly Modern Learning Dialogue, we will dive into one big challenge that learning creators have in applying the model within their organizations: Marketing Learning Clusters

Join us to discuss

✅  What do you wish we could solve for this topic?

✅  What do you see as in common between marketing, learning, and change models?

Join us on May 5th for our Modern Learning Dialogue facilitated by Crystal Kadakia, CEO of the Learning Cluster Design Group, and Jen Collins, LCD Consultant to discuss solutions and to help all of us evolve modern learning together! REGISTER HERE

What current struggles are you facing when optimizing awareness and application of Learning Clusters? Join the conversation on LinkedIn
We hope to see you at these great events!